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Conflicting Nutrition Information?

The New Hope Network spawns the following question this morning: Conflicting Nutrition Information? How is that affecting us? Are we absorbing it, ignoring it or just throwing up our hands in confusion? Well, I am someone who is constantly, consistently researching the new ‘facts’ that come out daily about food and its’ nutritional value. I can tell you first hand that ...

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Beans? Good or not?

Many people have been telling me lately that beans are not good for you. So I thought I would do this article on Beans? Good or not? The first site that comes up on the web is Reader’s Digest. They say that beans are high in Fiber, Protein, Vitamin B, Iron, Potassium and they’re low in Fat. So we’re good so ...

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Inside Dirt: Tomatoes. Beans. Peanuts.

Chef Marian here bringing you the Inside Dirt: Tomatoes. Beans. Peanuts. This blog is DOUBLE the size of my normal blog, but I can’t find anything to cut here… so enjoy a longer one today! Recently, someone brought to my attention that a health guru told him not to eat tomatoes (something about the skin and seeds being bad) and ...

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Champagne questions and New Years Dreams….

New Years just around the corner. Let’s talk about Champagne, shall we? YES CHEF! You know that Prosecco, from Italy and Sparkling Wines from California and other places are not Champagne, right? RIGHT CHEF! The Culinary Institute of America recently featured The Washington Post reviewing what many of us  in the wine world know – but it’s worth repeating: that ...

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Vegan Green Bean Casserole

What items do we substitute to turn that traditional Green Bean Casserole into a Vegan Green Bean Casserole? I say the key is: LOVE. But ingredient wise, I think the two most important items are Arrowroot and Coconut Creamer. These are great vegan substitutes to thicken up and make YUM the liquid that creates a mushroom soup like consistency in ...

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