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Cancer Fighting Foods Class, Part II

Today, I am presenting the work I gathered for the Del Mar Fairgrounds Cancer Fighting Foods Class, Part II. If I would give you all my research, this would be a 2,600 word blog. Maybe I should write a book, but for the moment I’m giving you highlights, a ‘starter’  kit you can use to then do your own research. ...

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Cancer Fighting Foods

Here’s the story ~ about what you are eating. Cancer Fighting Foods: How they work in your body and what people (and studies) are saying: Whole Grains According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, whole grains contain many components that might lower your risk of cancer, including fiber and antioxidants. A large study including nearly half a million people ...

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Chef’s Spice Log 2014 : 002 Turmeric

We explored Salt and Peppa last time. And just like my weekly Hot Topic Sizzle? I now have this Chef’s Spice Log, which I intend to give you weekly as well. Today we are exploring the world of Turmeric.That’s tur mer rick, not tumor ich! lol WHY TURMERIC CHEF? I’m glad you asked! As an American, I really wasn’t familiar with Turmeric ...

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Salads…. an experiment with Chef Marian

Salads…… we certainly can experiment no? YES CHEF MARIAN! WE’RE HERE WITH YOU! Good. Cause that’s just what I did yesterday. Had to go to a meeting lunchtime, and had a few people bring ‘parts’ of an unexpectedly delicious experiment I want to share with you. So I grabbed a bunch of ‘stuff’ to take with me: some organic mixed ...

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