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Mushrooms absorb water and flavor!

Mushrooms absorb water and flavor! I have spent a lifetime teaching people how to use a damp paper towels to polish off the dirt on mushrooms because they absorb water. So when I read something on the web that said mushrooms are jam filled with water when you purchase them, I was pretty surprised. Come to find out, not only ...

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Training a Future Fire House Chef

I am always training people how to cook and eat healthier. In the case of Training a Future Fire House Chef named Sam, it’s more of seeing how we can feed people for between $5.00 – $7.00 a meal. If I can come up with a few suggestions that come in at $5.00 my client will be a big time ...

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Artichokes: I like ’em!

The Chef is in the house, and all I’ve got to say is:¬†Artichokes: I like ’em! Here’s how to cook ’em: If you want them to sit flat, cut the stems off. They say the stems are the extensions of the heart, and the heart is yummy when steamed. So only if you want it to sit flat because you ...

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Being Vegan and/or Raw in San Diego

It’s just amazing how our Vegan and/or Raw community is developing in San Diego! Today I attended a pre-Thanksgiving ‘give and get’ ideas event at Nate and Jade’s home in the Point Loma area of San Diego. Was that the best? Or what? Yes. Yes it was. They have a beautiful backyard. Not only did they share their home, but ...

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Old bread? Time to make breadcrumbs or soup!

Do you have a baguette that’s as hard as a rock? Old bread? And you’re just going to throw it away? NO CHEF? Absolutely not! I was reading an article yesterday that talked about what all the best chefs have in common. One thing is: they use everything! (It’s mostly a ‘there’s no real big profit in food, so let’s ...

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