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Review: Pine Mountain Logs at The Belly Up

You know, I play a bunch of instruments and sing harmony. And I do Restaurant Reviews as a Healthy Chef. Yet, I have never reviewed a band or an event at a music venue. My evening last night was so good, that I must blog about it. So enjoy this Review: Pine Mountain Logs at The Belly Up. First off, ...

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Review of Quick Fixes for Weight Loss

It’s the start of a new year, and people who are not happy with their weight are desperate. I thought it might help if I do a quick Review of Quick Fixes for Weight Loss. I have seen friends go through surgery (and later gain every pound back and then some) and someone actually tell me they can’t attend a party ...

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Review of 2015 Culinary Trends

To wrap this year, Sterling Rice Group talked about the 2015 Culinary Trends they expected for this past year and I just wanted to share with you, how I measured up. After 4 years of Tofurkey on Thansgiving, practicing Vegan Meals on Meatless Monday and eating with my Vegan daughter and soon to be son-in-law, I finally went 90% vegan myself. ...

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Tis the season to shop and eat: Shimbashi Izakaya Review

It seems that I have been hitting a string of exceptional Fusion and Sushi places lately. Last review was Roy’s in La Jolla. Incredibly good. Worth the money spent. And now here’s a second recommendation in the world of sushi: Next time you are in Del Mar and not sure where to go to eat? Try Shimbashi Izakaya. They are ...

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Villa Capri hits a home run! Review from Chef Marian!

How many people know about Villa Capri? Have you eaten there? Do you know who the owners are, their background, the flavors they create? NO CHEF! I didn’t think so. It’s a restaurant for ‘locals’. And if you don’t live in ‘the hood’? You probably think it’s just some cheap Italian ‘style’ restaurant… the one’s you went to when you ...

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