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Merger for Albertson’s and Sprouts?

Merger for Albertson’s and Sprouts? According to Reuter’s, Albertsons and Sprouts are considering a merger. “…early stage discussions took place in recent weeks and involved a plan to take Sprouts private. Doing so would add the natural and organic foods-focused business to the Albertsons suite of supermarket brands, which includes Safeway, Vons and Shaw’s”. What? Are you kidding? Albertsons owns ...

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Tips for Travel and Using Wireless

Today, I’m bringing you Tips for Travel and Using Wireless because I ran across this information and I know that many of you reading this go on vacation this month. The information that came to me is valuable, so I’m sharing! AFAR sent me an article, that perked the interest for me blogging about it. I’m going to basically summarize ...

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Review: Pine Mountain Logs at The Belly Up

You know, I play a bunch of instruments and sing harmony. And I do Restaurant Reviews as a Healthy Chef. Yet, I have never reviewed a band or an event at a music venue. My evening last night was so good, that I must blog about it. So enjoy this Review: Pine Mountain Logs at The Belly Up. First off, ...

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How to Blog from Chef Marian

How to Blog. That’s today’s topic. I don’t know about you, but I go about my day hearing different things from different people about how to eat well. I turn my computer on, and I get blasted with 300 emails every morning. Only about 10 of them are any interest to me. But in those 10 are always a few ...

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Plastic and Pregnancy

One of the things we should all tackle is understanding the plastic issue especially plastic and pregnancy. WHAT PLASTIC ISSUE, CHEF? Well, when you buy canned vegetables, the lining is plastic. That plastic has chemicals, like BPA and phthalates. I DIDN’T REALIZE THAT CHEF! New Hope has brought to my attention today with a regular newsletter I receive, that we’ve sort of ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle: Organic Recalls

I get many emails and newsletter and today’s inbox brought me a very interesting information piece about Organic Recalls I would like to share with you. It comes from the Specialty Food News. It’s an ‘insider’ Newsletter for people in the Food Industry. Personally, I have always thought that because food isn’t purchased quickly and there’s only so much of a ...

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