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Coconut Oil – The Real Story

I have heard that rice (if cooked with Coconut Oil) and saved in the fridge overnight makes the rice have fewer calories. That was a stretch for me. But then I started thinking: How come one week people are saying coconut oil is good for you, the next you hear it’s bad for you. My news reporting background kicked in ...

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Cancer Fighting Foods

Here’s the story ~ about what you are eating. Cancer Fighting Foods: How they work in your body and what people (and studies) are saying: Whole Grains According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, whole grains contain many components that might lower your risk of cancer, including fiber and antioxidants. A large study including nearly half a million people ...

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Could GMO Coffee be just around the corner?

GMO Coffee? Really? Really? I know that there has been quite a ‘counter culture’ buzz out there lately about perhaps genetically modified anything might not be so bad. Yes. That’s the PR campaign people trying to sell you genetically modified, are putting out. And quite frankly, none of us know if GMO is bad for you or not. The studies ...

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Eat for your health! Put the brakes on, now!

Do we ever consider that you should eat for your health? And that sometimes we need to re-evaluate and put the brakes on? For years and years and years, I ate sugar. If you opened my purse, you might find some mints or a roll of candy. And we never thought anything of it when we were younger and came home ...

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Dr. Weil at The Natural Food Show – Part Deux

I have been to many food shows… New foods, new products… healthy not healthy, (as in The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco). But yesterdays’ keynote speaker, Dr. Andrew Weil at The Natural Food Show in Anaheim California still sits with me as I scramble to remember everything he said. As I sat in my seat, I jotted notes on my ...

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