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Cure Your Weight Issues?

I was listening to someone speak yesterday, someone who was selling a product, and as an ‘aside’ she mentions her husband takes a shot of Bragg’s Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar every day. He also told me about weight loss results which is why I am bringing Cure Your Weight Issues? to you today. When I questioned more, he told me ...

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Tips for Travel and Using Wireless

Today, I’m bringing you Tips for Travel and Using Wireless because I ran across this information and I know that many of you reading this go on vacation this month. The information that came to me is valuable, so I’m sharing! AFAR sent me an article, that perked the interest for me blogging about it. I’m going to basically summarize ...

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Gallstones – Eating Surprises

Today I want to talk about Gallstones – Eating Surprises. According to WebMD, the Gall Bladder has one job: “collecting and storing bile — the fluid that helps the body digest fats”. How do you know if you have gallstones? The symptoms are bloating, vomiting and feeling pain in your stomach area.  Diets high in fat and cholesterol? Being seriously ...

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Summertime – What can the dog eat?

I was on Facebook and found this interesting table of information. I call it Summertime – What can the dog eat? Cause I often wonder when a dog comes up to me grinning with tail wagging side to side, if I can actually give him or her a piece of my watermelon….. I mean, some people are very fussy about ...

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Update: Beware of Von’s Liquor Return Policy

Today, July 17, 2016 I received an email from Dima Galkin, who gave me more information about a block I wrote about Von’s Liquor Return Policy in May of 2012. It’s great to see with over 400 blogs now, people are actually going back in time to read and still get some value from what I wrote in my second ...

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Letter to a Culinary Graduate

I received a request from someone who has many friends that are recent Culinary School Graduates, that no one will hire. Here’s my bit of advice in my Letter to a Culinary Graduate, that I am happy to share with you. Feel free to share this with the struggling chefs or home cooks that you know. Happy Healthy Eating,   ...

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