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The Goal of The Chef Marian Blog

Background-for-YouTubeToday I was thinking about The Goal of The Chef Marian Blog. What have I accomplished since 2011….. and what have I done that has as many as 30,000 eyeballs on me (actually 60,000 to be accurate)! lol

Having traveled the world for 3 years, eating in Michelin Star Restaurants, taking Food & Wine Classes and Cooking in Kitchens with people showing me their recipes, I came home to show you, to teach you about pairing food and wine and creating flavor profiles. I came home to take the fear out of experimenting, saying that a mistake is an opportunity to create and showing you how.

Later… I became a video director, producer, interviewer, script writer, and poster of videos on Vimeo and YouTube. I did my own cooking shows, and interviewed other chefs, other individuals wanting to promote themselves and businesses. Following my 15 in radio broadcasting, as both an engineer and newscaster, this was a natural progression for me. And in those travels, I interviewed over and over again Dr. Debbie who brought me my nutrition piece of the puzzle.

To get back to my original question, here’s what I am trying to accomplish:

  • Bringing you information about the food industry with my Hot Topic Sizzle, walking all the food shows to give you the ‘heads up’ about what will be on the shelves next year and how they are improving products health wise
  • Making you laugh along the way
  • Giving you info about food related events and festivals, some of which I create for San Diego Foodies and Euro Lovers and Friends (2 groups I organize). I include in that for example the many times I am on stage at the Del Mar Fairgrounds each summer teaching “Cancer Fighting Foods” and “Food is Your Best Medicine”
  • Giving you great concepts, Chefs Tips for both cooking and cleaning up afterwards
  • Debunking myths and presenting specific info about how your body processes food, taking you in as a friend to try the different methods of eating that can keep us healthy
  • Making it easier for you to understand Spices with my Spice Blog 2015 (sort of a Star Trek take off)
  • Making it easier for you to understand flavor profiles, so that you know what to mix with what, which makes it way easier to throw together healthy flavorful meals after a long day at work
  • Doing Restaurant Reviews to tell you the positive notes – where to go and what to order for both decadent and healthy meals

Once I am able to fund “No-Face-Goes-Un-Fed” to end hunger in San Diego, I hope to take you along as a volunteer, a supporter and a contributor. I know we can make a difference if we try.

Lofty goals? I don’t think so. I have given myself this platform to reach out to you. I have schooled myself in Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes to include you, or maybe your daughter or friend. Or even to just ‘get it going’ with Meatless Monday.

If at any time you want to reach back out to me, please do or pass my blogs through your social media. With over 30,000 followers, you are obviously doing that already.

Would love to keep improving this site to benefit you. I have two new stores opening in Del Mar, CA the end of this month and I plan to start stocking all kinds of neat tools for the kitchen and at the same time you will find them available on this site as well.

The future is so bright…. I have to wear shades! lol

Happy Eating,


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