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The Danger of Plant Based Food

I don’t mean to scare you. When I talk about The Danger of Plant Based Food, it really applies to all food.

So attention all eaters!

Going plant based is a good thing. But certainly there are pitfalls, as there are with regular diets or lifestyles.

This (to the right) is a picture of me BGPB (before going plant based).

I have been a healthy chef for decades. It wasn’t until I went totally plant based a year ago now, that people started telling me my eyes were so clear, my skin so bright, and as I saw my weight coming down, I was happy to see my cholesterol doing the same.

This was all motivated by my daughter getting married and me wanting to be around for her kids.

Back to the pitfalls of going plant based ….. there are so many ways to see this. You can think…. ‘Geez. All the French fries I can eat’ (unless and if they’re cooked in a fryer with meat). Can you raise your hand if you think that’s a good idea? And have you considered that eating French Fries requires questions to the restaurant about what oil they use and what else they cook in that fryer?

I won’t mention that a teaspoon of oil is 100 calories, because I think you know that.

But what about all the fast food plant based restaurants, or even sit down restaurants that are vegan or offer vegan options that are mostly fried? How about the vegan restaurants that are not using organic vegetables?

And how about dessert? Many desserts are vegan. Is a regular intake of sugar a good idea? And will that make you healthier? These are the questions I would like you to start asking yourself.

About this article…..

So there is NO REAL DANGER in going plant based. The danger is accepting all food that is plant based, even if you know it’s not healthy.

I hope this article puts some ideas into your head that you had not considered before.

I like my French Fries too. So I invested in an ‘air’ fryer. Use as little or no oil and you have eliminated the fat factor. Add a dash of salt, smoked paprika and caramelized onions. Or smother them with vegan chili and you will think that you are eating bad but truly you are nourishing yourself. One potato goes a long way. And if you pick a sweet potato, again you have bumped up your nutrition!

Healthy Happy Eating,


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