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Not that you need them, but here are a couple of testimonials from people I’ve worked with, people who know me.

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

Mary Lou Lamanna

Mary Lou Lamanna

I don’t like to cook nor do I have time to cook. I recommend Chef Marian to you, a neighbor of mine. I have been using her as my personal chef for a while now. She creates my meals every week, uses a food saver to suck the air out of the bags, so it keeps fresh in my fridge all week. She’s a healthy chef, so she’s feeding me based on my personal likes, dislikes, allergies etc. And to be honest, I am difficult to cook for. I get to try all kinds of foods from chicken cordon bleu with gluten free crust to vegetable lasagna with lots of flavor!. But because she substitutes healthier choices I am actually losing weight! Last week she made a soup using quinoa pasta as the creamy base. It was delicious and …. I lost 5 pounds! A different meal every night. Chef Marian told me she is only taking on two more families and keeps her number of clients low so that she can cater to them and has the time to really give them what they need. Please tell Chef Marian that Mary Lou recommended her to you!

Ray Falvey

Raymond Falvey has recommended you on LinkedIn

Raymond Falvey Owner at Rayvision Design

Recommendation: “I was recommended to Chef Marian from one of my BNI chapter members, Mary Lou Lamanna. What a wonderful recommendation! Chef Marian has been cooking some amazing dinners for my girlfriend and I, and it is amazing that all of these different dishes are so healthy for us. Each dish is creative, and full of taste, plus Chef Marian always asks for feedback, so that she can make sure we always receive our favorite dishes from her. I have also lost 8 pounds in the past 2 months, where the only difference to my daily routine has been switching from take out or restaurants, to eating the healthy meals prepared by Chef Marian. I would highly recommend Chef Marian to anyone who is looking to have healthier meal options without losing the great taste.”

Owner The Intuitive Kitchen

Marissa Joinson


Testimonial from Marissa Joinson‎, Chef and Owner of The Intuitive Kitchen

“I want to thank you, AGAIN, for your great help for the catering job we did recently: with time constraints and an unfamiliar kitchen, you were able to efficiently take care of several tasks without direction. I also appreciate that you took the time to speak with guests and offer support where needed…

I was comforted knowing you had my back, and theirs! I’ll be happy to include you in future events and would definitely recommend you as a reliable, capable and knowledgeable support as well as event LEAD”!

“I might have to start the Chef Marian Fan Club”… Marissa Joinson
David Peterson, Edward Jones

David Peterson, Edward Jones


“Expert in food, health, networking
and public events”!
Johnna Dietz
Owner, WholeBody Nutrition
July 13, 2012, Johnna worked directly with Chef at ChefMarian.com and meetup.com/SanDiegoFoodies

“Chef Marian is a master at conducting unbiased, informative interviews

on cutting-edge health issues”!

As a Certified Nutritionist serving as a panel member during the ‘Food for Thought’ event, Chef Marian posed questions to 6 panelists maintaining a neutral yet curious manner, creating a comfortable environment for panelists to respond candidly. She covered a myriad of topics including canola oil, vitamin D and fresh versus dried herbs. She encouraged audience participation, highlighting the importance of public concerns as an important factor in getting the whole story for the the people in the community. Overall Chef Marian directed the event professionally and respectfully, keeping the momentum going while maintaining integrity around the public’s interest.

Amanda de Koning

Amanda de Koning

Amanda de Koning About Chef Marian’s Contribution to MOMfest
We were so fortunate to have Chef Marian as part of the amazing MOMfest team; she brought fun, humor, community and knowledge to the day with both her Cooking Demo and just being there as great support! From her help with promotion and preparation prior to the event to acting as one of our Awesome Ambassadors throughout the day, Chef Marian was a real asset and a big part of MOMfest’s success… We are so grateful for all of her hard work and great attitude!
Elaine J. Masters

Elaine J. Masters


What a night we had at the new Capetown restaurant. Chef Marian worked her magic and convinced Graham to feature his best on tasters plates that held bites of over 7 dishes and then presented us with traditional rum soaked cakes. There was an optional wine tasting, drawing for gifts and we parted full and happy.

Crystal Alonso

Crystal Alonso

Testimonial from Crystal Alonso

Printing, Marketing, Advertising & Red Carpet Event Marketing, Speaker

I recommend connecting with Chef Marian. The Chefmarian.com blog is funny and informative, her filmed cooking shows are really fun, and if you ask, you’ll hear great things about her food and wine tasting events that are held at restaurants all over San Diego with her group San Diego Foodies. She has traveled the world cooking and eating in kitchens from London to Sydney and pairing food and wine throughout France and Italy. And now she’s brought all that knowledge back to us! Good going Chef Marian!

Testimonial from Douglas S. Brown
Douglas S. Brown

Douglas S. Brown

Business Development Manager with 20+ years experience in theSales and Marketing field

“Marian, aka “Chef Marian,” is a unique and wonderfully talented lady. It is difficult to describe just how awesome she is – she can run a major business one minute, then turn around and throw the most amazing dinner party the next minute – all the while preparing everything herself by hand – from the appetizers to the main dish to the desserts. Her sense of taste and style are exquisite, and she simply is someone that everyone wants to know – she is the life of the party wherever she goes, but don’t let that fool you – she is a very serious business person and a major over-acheiver in all her endeavors. I consider myself extremely lucky and blessed to have her in my life and to be able to call her one of my friends”.

Roberta Murphy

Testimonial from Roberta Murphy Broker-Owner San Diego Previews Luxury Real Estate

“To say that Chef Marian is anything less than a creative ball of energy would be a gross understatement.

She brilliantly runs multiple businesses with ease, throws wonderful parties

and maintains a witty sense of humor”.

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