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Feeding People over the Holidays

November top of mind for most of us is: Feeding People over the Holidays. Unexpected guests and yummy leftovers can easily happen by adding simple things like more bread to stuffing, more sweet potatoes to sweet potato pie. You will find yourself cooking for not the 12 coming, but the imaginary 24, giving you a chance to let people take home ...

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Leftovers – Thanksgiving Pizza Recipe

Well, we all know about leftovers. But my leftover were pretty bizarre this year. So here’s a Pizza Recipe you can do any day of the week, leftovers or not! This is a variation of a brilliant pizza I ate at Whole Foods in La Jolla last week. If it suits you feel free to pass and and all of ...

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Vegan Dilemma for Thanksgiving

We all go through mistakes. A mistake is an opportunity to learn or create, right? YES CHEF!  Well, here’s my latest Vegan Dilemma! I had bought vegan marshmallows at Whole Foods days before going to this past Sunday’s Vegan Event. I did my happy dance, since last year we were stuck with marshmallow creme that did not quite do the trick. ...

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Survived a Vegan Thanksgiving…. lol

I’m so proud of myself…. I survived a Vegan Thanksgiving! lol  Awww… it wasn’t that bad. Ya know, I didn’t mind creating an ALL VEGAN Thanksgiving just for the experience of it. I think the best part of Thanksgiving are the wegetables (say it with me: wedge a tab bulls), anyway….. And for those of you who haven’t had the ...

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