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Jake’s Del Mar Review during Restaurant Week

I always think, when I go in to review Jake’s Del Mar, which I do once a year as a reviewer, that it will be good as it was last time. And then regularly I am surprised about how much better the staff is trained, and how they have created new, unexpected flavor profiles. Jake’s Del Mar made it into ...

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Restaurant Week is featured on San Diego Foodies!

Hey! Don’t forget! Restaurant Week is coming up! Sign onto San Diego Foodies and join in the fun! We’ve been given private rooms, wine rooms, and special perks from Restaurants like Searsucker, Nobu, Oceanaire, Vintana and Sbicca! This is our THIRD year in the running bringing you great choices for Restaurant Week! And our 3rd year at George’s California Modern ...

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Burlap…. Restaurant Week

Day 6….. Burlap….. Restaurant Week! ¬†Good morning Mr. Phelps (Mission Impossible theme gently playing in the background). dum…dum… dum, dum, dum… dumm… dum .. dum… da da dummm, da da dumm, da da. Your assignment, should you decide to accept it, is to check out your last restaurant for Restaurant Week, gather pictures and produce a report with all indications ...

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George’s California Modern – Restaurant Week

Chef Marian’s Table And if you can believe it, there was even ONE MORE PERSON that showed after this picture was taken. WE were a big long crew at George’s California Modern last night. And the amazing thing about our events, and Karen (right) who had been to two of the events mentioned to me on the ride home …. ...

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Restaurant Week at Jake’s Del Mar

And there we were, last night, my 4th night of Restaurant Week at Jake’s Del Mar (started Sunday), and I was still hungry and thirsty! lol Apparently, I had to…. WE all had to ….. wait, wait and wait some more until we got seated. And that’s the difference between San Diego and Los Angeles or any major city. When ...

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Restaurant Week at Cucina Urbana – Unexpectedly Good

What a delightful evening out at Cucina Urbana last night, to kick off Restaurant Week! A picture is worth a thousand words so here are the shots! Totally unexpected, this came out of the kitchen prior to the meal starting: ‘Complementary’ mini mason jars with tuscan toast…. but it was more…. more kinds of bread plus artichoke & olive tapenade, ...

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