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Hard to be Vegan? Nope!

Laughing Red Pepper

I just got back from a trip. I was asked and answered: Hard to be Vegan? Nope! And believe me, that was much to my surprise.

I’m not going to say the world is totally accommodating, but what I will say is: Being Vegan or Plant-Based (as I like to call it), is easy if you are sure eating that way suits you. And that means planning. I took with me a cooler of hummus, carrots, red peppers, chips, Kombucha, water, mini vegan pumpkin spice muffins, sprouted bagels, vegan chive cream cheese and a bag of apples. I always had food.

I should start by saying it took me 18 months of eating clean and green Monday – Friday only before I went totally plant-based. I think it was a good idea because it cleaned out my fridge and pantry and got me in the mood for eating plants only. I never felt denied because I knew that come the weekend, all bets were off! I could have ribs, shrimp and all the things I missed during the week. The funny thing is that as time went by, I found myself eating a half a rack of ribs, then 3 ribs, then just a taste of one (before it became none). And here’s what I realized: I was craving the bbq profile.

As you may or may not know, I traveled the world taking food & wine classes for 3 years in some cases, took classes at Michelin Star Restaurants. And how that translates into my world is: I really learned to ‘nail’ flavor profiles. So, if I am craving bbq? There’s plenty of things I can make at home or order at a restaurant.


Well, let’s take bbq. You can get quality bbq sauce like Bone-Suckin’ Sauce, and add to it one or two other sauces that are clean and flavorful (or sometimes I cheat with some catsup), and then cook and baste ANYTHING. I’m talking about JackFruit, paddies you create with brown rice, and veggies, tofu or even mushrooms. Remember: all you are craving is the bbq flavor or flavor profile.

Or…. if I am out at let’s say a bbq place…. I can order a baked potato, take out the potato, mix it with veggies like mushrooms, caramelized onions, broccoli and bbq sauce and voila! I have a hearty bbq dish that satisfies me.

Get the idea?


So that’s how it’s done. If you go into a restaurant that has a Chinese Chicken Salad, for example, ask for the chicken on the side, check in with the chef about the dressing (some are vegan, some are not) and give your dining companion the chicken. When you donate the chicken, that person buys a Ceasar Salad (assuming they are not vegan) and you donate the chicken and you BOTH have dinner!

That’s what works for me. If you have any ideas or can tell me what works for you? I’m all ears! lol

Healthy Happy Eating & Living,


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