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George’s California Modern – Restaurant Week

Chef Marian’s Table

And if you can believe it, there was even ONE MORE PERSON that showed after this picture was taken. WE were a big long crew at George’s California Modern last night. And the amazing thing about our events, and Karen (right) who had been to two of the events mentioned to me on the ride home …. “You always get such nice people at your events. You’re doing an event at Extreme Pizza in La Jolla soon? Count me in”

We all had a great time!

It’s hard to explain. I think this picture speaks a thousand words! Just joyful!

And while the food was very good, the ‘wait’ staff very professional…… what made last nights’ food event good were the people who attended.

So, are ya hungry for pictures? Well, here we go!

I think we should start with dessert first. lol Both Solid and Liquid!


Liquid Dessert

We go from the most boring……. but those who ate it said the really enjoyed it……….

A trio of Seasonal Sorbets with fresh fruit accompaniments.

That was Kevin, who had the lamb.

Should we take a look at his meal to see why he went for the very light and easy dessert?

California Lamb

Are ya sure you don’t want more desserts first? lol Well, alrighty then!

Here’s the Lamb. Baaaaa…. I say. But Kevin ate like a champion… asked if I wanted to suck a bone for a ‘tasting’ lol!!! Actually what he really said is “Oh, I forgot to give you a taste of my lamb, didn’t I”. WELL Yeeaah!

Kevin by the way, is the guy who owns Extreme Pizza in La Jolla, the place we’re having our next event.

So that was Kevin’s fun meal. He started with Fish Taco’s… which was raw fish, sashimi style with fried avocado. I was smarter at the start, ordering that appetizer myself, to make sure I got a bite! ha!

Ok. Back to dessert.

I’m pretty sure this heart was the ‘tart’ (Below).  Very good flavors, as you might imagine.

More chocolate!

Now I’m not sayin’ that this Coconut Sponge Cake was my least favorite thing… but the Coconut Sponge Cake WAS my least favorite thing! heheheee


Warm Chocolate Tart

Then, I leaned across the table and sampled this Warm Chocolate Tart.


Very creative.

And pleasing to the eyes as well.

And just when I thought I might be finished, one of our dining partners, I think it was Rob, a visiting Scholar (he’s been visiting for 20 years) let me try MORE chocolate.

Well George’s certainly has the chocolate nailed!

Onto more food:

Roasted Veggies

Did you notice there are no pix of appetizers?

My bad. I didn’t get the camera out until I had my first bite and by that time everyone had their first, and second bites. There were no presentations to be had! Sorry!

But for the entrée, we enjoyed Jidori Chicken, Roasted Squab, Local White Bass and Beef Tenderloin.

Aaaah… but then we have Karen again, thinking “Well I’ll eat the Chino Farms Slow Roasted Vegetables for my entrée, and have room for both the appetizer AND dessert”! Bravo Karen. And she really, REALLY enjoyed her dinner.

I enjoy Restaurant Week at George’s EVERY year.

And I’m sure next year will be no exception.

I think my problem with this year is that some of the other restaurants, like Cucina Urbana did BACK FLIPS for the Chef Marian Table…. big free platters of starters, people in charge checking in to see if we’re good, explaining in detail about the wines, etc , that the bar was set pretty high. When a restaurant knows you’re bringing in a dozen people and makes your group feel special, well …. that adds to a ‘magical night’.

Well it’s off to Burlap tonight. Looking forward to it. Always good.

Happy eating,

Chef Marian



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