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Free Chef Marian Cooking Class 2-3pm at The Del Mar Fairgrounds!



Free Chef Marian Cooking Class for you? You bet!

Saturday June 14th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Unlike some of the other Chefs cooking and selling their wares, I am on the Main Stage Outdoors teaching you once again that Food is Your Best Medicine!

I will be teaching/cooking 4 times this summer and each time introducing you to a chef that offers up both good eats and cancer fighting food!

It’s amazing to me that disease does not grow in an alkaline body. And how do you keep your body alkaline? Lots of fruits and veggies.

And that’s just what I aim to do to day. What I aim to do. I’m becoming a little bit ‘cowboy’, wouldn’t you say?


Just tryin’ to fit in, my friend! lol

Today’s guest chef is Marissa Joinson from The Intuitive Kitchen, making health bars. And good old (and I mean old – had a birthday yesterday! lol) Chef Marian is teaching you how to caramelize and par boil veggies into some brown rice, explaining how every ingredient helps your body and in what way, including cinnamon!

Now if you skim through some of the blogs here (close to 300 now), you’ll find lots of information on veggies and their benefits.

The thing that’s different about getting me in person is you have the opportunity to ask questions.

I’ve got Craig Vollgraff from Majestic Video Production shooting the show for me, and then I get to take it home, cut it up, do voiceovers, insert pictures and post it on YouTube. Whoo hoo! So much fun! In time, you may be able to watch the show on YouTube with bits and parts showing up in my blog here.

So come on out to the Fair today! Again I’m onstage outside near the rides (just ask where the outdoor stage is)!

Hope to see you at The Fair!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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