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Fresh as Nature

Fresh as Nature

The Calendar (above) is a wonderful place to start. It will show you what Events are coming up, what Cooking Classes you can take and in some cases, specials for Chef Marian Cookbooks you can buy.

You can simply click ‘Pay’ on the calendar, and purchase a specific Cooking Class. This will show you all your choices for the month. It may include Food from Around the World, Healthy Desserts, Turn your Meals into Medicine, Substitutions, Meatless Mondays, How to Stop Craving Sweets, Mixing Spices, Go Raw, Cook with the Kids, Eat Vegetarian and more!

And if you do not see a class you want? And you can open your kitchen to creating a Cooking Class or Cooking Party or even Cooking Brunch with me? Each person attending pays $35 and you come for free!

Please feel free to contact me by email: mm@chefmarian.com. I can work with you ‘one on one’, we can do consultations by phone, or Cooking Classes by Skype, so that I am in your kitchen without actually physically being there.

There are so many Classes we can create together and I must say this: When I have done Cooking Parties in people’s homes, the response later is always “That was the one party all our friends remember”. That’s one way to pay back dinner invitations you owe, to make a Birthday Party special, or to simply have a ‘girls night in’. If you can dream it? We can build it. And you know what they always say? If you build it, they will come! lol

You can get a feeling for how ez breezy my classes are by going on YouTube.

We’re just here to share information. And if you have a question I can’t answer? That’s even better! I turn it into my blog the next day…. because what I don’t know? I need to research and then report back on. I am an old radio broadcaster and that curiosity investigating reporting news…. never goes away!

And I am that same way in the kitchen. Let’s say we make a mistake. That’s fun! Let’s figure out together what we need to do to fix it, or create something better. Want an example? You’ve been cooking soup. You’ve salted the water. You come back an hour later. It’s missing something. You add more salt. And just before you finish it off, again – thinking that will help make the flavor ‘pop’, you add salt again, but this time when you go to taste it? YECH! It’s too salty!

No worries my friend. Drop a potato into the broth. It will drink up most of the salt, and you’re good to go!

It’s small things like that, which I’ve learned over the years that helps fix mistakes. And the key to using a mistake to create? Be fearless! Let’s both ‘go for it’ together! lol

Looking forward to seeing you at a class!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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