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American is the worlds’ Biggest Importer of Wine

America is the worlds’ Biggest Importer of Wine. Not China. Not Thailand. Not Brussels. Not Russia. This just out from the CIA.  Not the feds. The Culinary Institute of America. Here’s what they say: “The U.S. is the world’s biggest consumer of still and sparkling wine by both volume and value – and it is set to grow within the next five ...

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Native Foods – Restaurant Review Update

Two years ago this month, I reviewed Native Foods in Encinitas on ChefMarian.com and Yelp. I thought I would run an update for you. I have spent a lifetime trying to help, not hurt chefs. So while I still do restaurant reviews, my goal is to bring you ‘the best’. Rarely in all my years of blogging and reviewing have I made public, ...

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Chemicals in Food – The Details

Everyone talks about the movies that came out in the last couple of years addressing Chemicals in Food and Eating Healthy to change the global footprint. But I don’t expect you to see every film. So here’s some important facts told to me in Forks over Knives, (and the extended interviews), Hungry for Change, Vegucated, Defying Disease on Ted Talks and ...

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Ready for Meatless Monday?

As we head into the weekend, I say “Let’s get ready for Meatless Monday”! Remember: it helps your budget, it helps your body and it helps the planet. WHY CHEF? Well, if you take a look at the land a cow is housed on to feed one family, you can take that same land and plant fruits and veggies and ...

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Happy Holidays and have an abundant New Year!

While we’re still in the season, while we still have time to drive around with Christmas music potted all the way up and look at lights, while we still are smiling when someone cuts us off, let me just say this: Happy Holidays and have an abundant New Year! I really love this time of year…. the smells, the sounds and ...

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Restaurant Review: Lobster West, Encinitas

There’s a Restaurant I’ve passed by over and over again and thought: “Geez. I ought to try that”. It’s called Lobster West, Encinitas on South Coast Hwy 101 in Encinitas. Just a very small place with an nice extended front and side porch seating. It’s either part of the lumberyard or right next to the lumberyard. You know where Soulscape is? Right ...

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