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Vegan Travel in Portugal

It’s summertime and many people are traveling. If you are vegan or vegetarian, food is something important to know about before you go. That’s why I am sharing Vegan Travel in Portugal with you. I remember as I traveled the world for 3 years, I would be way too busy to do intense research on the web. But from America, ...

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Coconut Water is NOT what you think it is

I was so blown out this week when I realized that Coconut Water is NOT what you think it is. Very, very disappointing. One of the things I know for sure is I need to drink 8 – 12 full glasses of water every day. I also know that wine is dehydrating and Coconut Water is hydrating. And on those nights ...

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Vegan at Vintana’s, Escondido

Every so often, I offer people with their own area of expertise an opportunity to ‘guest blog’ on ChefMarian.com. Jax eats Vegan, and is a perfect person to talk about trying to eat within her parameters at an upscale restaurant. It’s a good story with a happy ending! I’m a sucker for a happy ending! So this blog is Vegan ...

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Sunscreen Hall of Shame

I guess I should be talking about BBQ with Memorial Day Weekend ahead… but I would rather highlight an email I received today from the Environment Working Group. They have created a Sunscreen Hall of Shame. I mean, why are we working so hard to eat healthy, when at the same time we are using sunscreens that can harm us equally. ...

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The Goal of The Chef Marian Blog

Today I was thinking about The Goal of The Chef Marian Blog. What have I accomplished since 2011….. and what have I done that has as many as 30,000 eyeballs on me (actually 60,000 to be accurate)! lol Having traveled the world for 3 years, eating in Michelin Star Restaurants, taking Food & Wine Classes and Cooking in Kitchens with ...

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Restaurant Review: Mia Francesca Del Mar Heights

Well, some interesting things have happened in the last 24 hours. I have totally changed my focus on food. I’m eating more salad… and those fabulous strawberries that are totally in season and totally satisfying! And that really affects my review of Mia Francesca, Del Mar Heights. When you’re not letting the chef give you his or her best? It’s hard ...

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