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Happy Holidays and have an abundant New Year!

While we’re still in the season, while we still have time to drive around with Christmas music potted all the way up and look at lights, while we still are smiling when someone cuts us off, let me just say this: Happy Holidays and have an abundant New Year! I really love this time of year…. the smells, the sounds and ...

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Restaurant Review: Lobster West, Encinitas

There’s a Restaurant I’ve passed by over and over again and thought: “Geez. I ought to try that”. It’s called Lobster West, Encinitas on South Coast Hwy 101 in Encinitas. Just a very small place with an nice extended front and side porch seating. It’s either part of the lumberyard or right next to the lumberyard. You know where Soulscape is? Right ...

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Tis the season to shop and eat: Shimbashi Izakaya Review

It seems that I have been hitting a string of exceptional Fusion and Sushi places lately. Last review was Roy’s in La Jolla. Incredibly good. Worth the money spent. And now here’s a second recommendation in the world of sushi: Next time you are in Del Mar and not sure where to go to eat? Try Shimbashi Izakaya. They are ...

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Chef Marian Restaurant Review – Roy’s La Jolla

I booked a table for two at Roy’s La Jolla Friday night. We arrived at the restaurant early, to have a quick Happy Hour. I remember years and years ago when this restaurant needed to be updated and actually I had not been in since then. What a pleasant surprise! A great bar area and a beautiful restaurant inside! WHAT ...

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Leftovers – Thanksgiving Pizza Recipe

Well, we all know about leftovers. But my leftover were pretty bizarre this year. So here’s a Pizza Recipe you can do any day of the week, leftovers or not! This is a variation of a brilliant pizza I ate at Whole Foods in La Jolla last week. If it suits you feel free to pass and and all of ...

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Vegan Dilemma for Thanksgiving

We all go through mistakes. A mistake is an opportunity to learn or create, right? YES CHEF!  Well, here’s my latest Vegan Dilemma! I had bought vegan marshmallows at Whole Foods days before going to this past Sunday’s Vegan Event. I did my happy dance, since last year we were stuck with marshmallow creme that did not quite do the trick. ...

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