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What’s the best butter?

I was reading an article about butter and of course, if given the opportunity, I certainly would like to comment on it. And recently, someone asked me if butter belongs in the fridge or on the counter and also wanted to know: What’s the best butter?

Well, in my world the best butter is Earth Balance. But I’m plant based, so while it’s a great butter substitute, with great flavor, it’s not butter. If you are looking to make subtle changes in your food to get yourself healthier, this certainly is a helpful hint!

In listening to all kinds of people and by reading all kinds of articles, the one butter that comes up over and over again is Kerrygold from Ireland. They say: “The winds, rain and warming influence of the Gulf Stream all contribute to the lush grass our cows feed on year-round. They produce the sweetest, richest milk in the world, which makes our grass-fed cow’s milk Irish butter taste silky and creamy and glow a healthy, golden yellow”. So, that’s as good an answer as any, if you’re eating butter. At least there aren’t any chemicals in it. I give them points for that! (Not definitive if the grass is or isn’t sprayed with pesticides…. but I am hopeful it isn’t).

And how long does butter hold up in and out of the fridge and why? “The good news is that butter is a fairly resilient food even though its made of milk, which isn’t exactly known for its long shelf life. The low water content of butter means bacteria, which are what cause food to spoil, have a hard time growing on it. In fact, butter can safely sit out at room temperature for up to two weeks without going bad.

And if you keep that butter in the fridge, you’ll be able to extend its lifespan for a long time. According to the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, butter can be safely stored in the fridge for up to three months. You can also store butter in the freezer, for later use, for between six to nine months”.

It is true that butter is a great flavor. But have you ever tried corn on the cob, for example, without it? Instead of butter, try cooking your corn in veg broth, in it’s husk. Or try grilling corn in its’ husk.


You bet! Savor the flavor without the need to cover it up with butter. And here’s a quick fun recipe…..

Take your corn, cook it. Strip it off the Cobb. Take frozen peas. Add both to a box of orchiaetta pasta. Then spice it up! A little bit of salt, smoked paprika, cumin, coriander and turmeric goes a long way, for both flavor and health!

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