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What industry insiders are saying about YOU!

As both a person and The Brand of Chef Marian, people in and out of the industry reach out to me on a regular basis. This particular week, I thought I would share what industry insiders are saying about YOU! I’m talking about you, the restaurant customer. What to do with a cranky, impatient customer…. hmmmmm…..

To bread? Or not to bread. Is that a real question?

Blogger Roger Nelson suggests that serving bread first help keep restaurant costs down (more bread, smaller portions are ok on meat). He also goes on to say that restaurants that are generous with their bread put the generosity ‘out there’, which is great for tip time.

He and others talk about keeping a customer from becoming cranky and impatient. This is a real issue for your waiter or waitress. They don’t control the kitchen, but good bread keeps you busy. And we all know, especially if we’re hungry, it tides you over from the time you order until the time you get your food.

I often make the comment “aaaah…. the bread appetizer”. lol I really do have to stop myself.

As we head towards New Years, I think a great resolution is to be more mindful: are you being cranky or impatient with waiters and waitresses at a restaurant, and what does that really say about you? And what are industry insiders be saying about YOU! Don’t you think cranky and impatient can ruin a servers good attitude? Please see your servers as human beings. That’s a good start!

Are you eating bread appetizers? If so, then why not order bruschetta at an Italian Restaurant, instead to get some veggies going with that bread? Now that’s a small lifestyle change!

And if you are eating bread before each meal when you’re out, how about reminding yourself to stop after one? And maybe to use olive oil and balsamic instead of butter?

The problem with New Year’s resolutions as we both know it, is that we make ’em only to break ’em. And that doesn’t feel good. This year I will once again help people who ask, make small lifestyle changes to evolve into a healthier person. Every ‘body’ is different. So I can’t advise you personally here. But what I will say is this:

Remember my favorite two tips:

First: Put a plus sign on your plate. Fill each section with protein, vegetables, carbs, and more vegetables (not doused in butter and sauce). The portion control is right and as a result you double up on vegetables, and immediately shift your health.

And Second: Please remember my 3 bite rule. First bite? Wow! That’s good. Second Bite? WOWOW! That really IS good. 3rd Bite? Now I’m being naughty! lol

We only really need 3 bites of anything to satisfy a craving. After that, we’re just ‘finishing’ up our food. That works great for parties, and restaurants. Share a couple of appetizers or an appetizer and entree. You will eat less and be more satisfied for the variety.

A Healthy Happy New Year to ya! And enjoy my final blog of the year tomorrow,

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