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UCSD Powerpoint: Review

Happy Healthy Eating

Happy Healthy Eating

Here’s the 3rd part of a review of the class I taught last Friday called: UCSD Powerpoint: Review – What to buy, what to cook!

On this YouTube Video I review what pots to buy, best place to find ’em, how to clean a pot, what you really should focus on eating and what that looks like, if you do it right!

There are so many sides to every argument on nutrition. Things change at the speed of light (one day we have a glycemic index, the next day that changes – one day we have a nutritional pyramid, the next day it’s totally different than what we thought).

But I will say, as I said in class that YOU are our national treasure, our white knight bringing food and nutrition as a resource to your potential patients. And for that, I will always be grateful and look to help you in whatever ways I can! Please feel free to forward my blog or videos to anyone you think will benefit from it.

I am always available for Cooking Parties (with friends), Cooking Classes for groups and individuals and motivation in person and by phone to be a healthier more flavorful you! If you really get the flavor you are craving, there’s a way better chance you will eat more mindfully, eliminate the ‘bad’ stomach flora making you crave sugar and change (in small baby steps) that will result in a lighter and more healthy you!

I would say it’s fair to say I don’t know everything about everything. But at the same time, I am more than willing to do research and come back to you with everything I discover. I hope you will use this website as a new resource to investigate all the things that have bugged me over the past 6 years, check out Restaurant Reviews (I did a top Vegan Restaurants for 2016) which may give you ideas for healthier choices and the general info I share about healthy eating.

I have some photography and video still to go through, edit and post… which will be in the next blog, two or three. And of course, there’s way more we talked about, that I would like to review for you.

If at some point, you think of a class or school that can use my food and nutrition class, feel free to pass my info on: mm@chefmarian.com. Or better yet, I always welcome a warm introduction to anyone you think I can help or partner with.

I thank you for the wonderful learning experience (his is the first time I actually put together a powerpoint, to move the conversation along). I hope you feel the same!

Happy Healthy Eating,

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