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The Great American Meat Out!

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The Great American Meat Out!

Guess what! I want you to join me March 20th for The Great American Meat Out! And since it’s also a ‘Meatless Monday’, I want to provide some information on how to join us in our effort to save a cow, chicken or fish. Some of these recipes or thoughts may include cheese or milk. If you’re doing this vegan style, there’s vegan cheese and coconut and almond milk and others to substitute in. I recommend follow your heart mozzarella slices. And on the milk, I like both cashew and hemp milk.These articles go back BV, before I went Vegan. So there are tips for all! Let’s start with the first article about pasta and vegetables, which helps especially for kids… kids at every age, even me!


Try thin strips of zucchini as your spaghetti on The Great American Meat Out!

The thing you want to keep in mind is it’s Vegetables and Pasta. Think of a dish with total veggies then add some pasta so you get a piece or two of pasta in each bite, not the other way around! And you can get a small plastic machine that curls vegetables into what looks like pasta. Now if you’re not vegan, this will be a big step for you. But it’s fun and you may like it just the same.

Hide the Vegetables, Mom and Dad!

Meaty Vegetables are the New Rage!

I find it amazing that you can put a mushroom on a grill and add that in place of a hamburger and really enjoy the experience with a side of fries. Another thing I like to do on Meatless Monday is buy some pizza dough and create pizza with vegan cheese slices (the best brand is Follow Your Heart), sauce and caramelized onions and mushrooms. You can even crumble some field roast or soyrizo on top for a sausage taste and feel to it. Of course the soyrizo is going to be spicy so make sure you like some spice. The Chef’s Tip here is: make sure you cut one slice of the vegan cheese into thirds and cut each third into 3 squares. Less is more, when it comes to Vegan Cheese and it still gives you every satisfaction, so you won’t feel like you’re missing anything. The next thing I’d like you to read is: How to Cook Healthy. We’re celebrating The Great American Meat Out! So let’s pre-plan that meal and make it both delicious and healthy!

Chef’s Tips: How to Cook Healthy

Top 12 Ways to Eat Vegan in San Diego 2016

I hope that article gives you the ability to celebrate The Great American Meat Out! And that’s whether you’re eating in or out!

And last but not least, here’s an article about specific foods you can consider that fight cancer. Take those ingredients and make a new recipe. Or, google recipes with those ingredients to see what you come up with!

Notes from my On Stage Cooking Class at The Del Mar Fairgrounds – Foods That Fight Cancer

Don’t forget! March 20th! Meatless Monday and The Great American Meat Out!

Happy Healthy Eating,

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