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Sugar Summit is online now

Sweet Freedom, a Sugar Summit is online now to watch daily for free. They will also sell you a subscription to see it at your leisure. But here’s my point: No matter how clean I eat, clean I drink…. sugar always comes up for me. You too? I can have a beautiful breakfast with grains and fruits, a nice lunch filled ...

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UCSD Powerpoint: Review

Here’s the 3rd part of a review of the class I taught last Friday called: UCSD Powerpoint: Review – What to buy, what to cook! On this YouTube Video I review what pots to buy, best place to find ’em, how to clean a pot, what you really should focus on eating and what that looks like, if you do it right! ...

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What do you crave this holiday season? This time of year brings up all kinds of stuff. That’s why I am addressing your Cravings, to see if we can get you through this season without gaining 10-15 pounds. (By the way, that’s the average amount people gain from Thanksgiving to New Years). So, who is the brilliant group that motivated ...

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Chef’s Tips: How to Cook Healthy

Thought I would take a minute to give you some Chef’s Tips: How to Cook Healthy. Yes. It’s called Chef’s Tips: How to Cook Healthy and unfortunately, I can’t put a period on the end and still have good SEO, so I found my way around it…. WHAT’S BUGGING YOU, CHEF? Why thank you for asking! I see all these blogs, ...

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Coconut Water is NOT what you think it is

I was so blown out this week when I realized that Coconut Water is NOT what you think it is. Very, very disappointing. One of the things I know for sure is I need to drink 8 – 12 full glasses of water every day. I also know that wine is dehydrating and Coconut Water is hydrating. And on those nights ...

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The number one ingredient in Thai Food is?

I am sure you will say things like kefir leaf, or something exotic but the Number One ingredient in Thai Food is actually sugar. HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS CHEF? Well, when I traveled the world for three years, I stayed 40 days in Bangkok. And during that time I spent half a day at their number one restaurant called ...

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