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Holiday Gifts from Chef Marian!

It’s that time of the year again, so here are some Holiday Gifts from Chef Marian! I am trying to think what I can do for you, how I might be able to support you in the kitchen, with nutrition and intuition. In years past, I talked about cravings. That link to that blog will still be there, so continue ...

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UCSD Powerpoint: Review

Here’s the 3rd part of a review of the class I taught last Friday called: UCSD Powerpoint: Review – What to buy, what to cook! On this YouTube Video I review what pots to buy, best place to find ’em, how to clean a pot, what you really should focus on eating and what that looks like, if you do it right! ...

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The Goal of The Chef Marian Blog

Today I was thinking about The Goal of The Chef Marian Blog. What have I accomplished since 2011….. and what have I done that has as many as 30,000 eyeballs on me (actually 60,000 to be accurate)! lol Having traveled the world for 3 years, eating in Michelin Star Restaurants, taking Food & Wine Classes and Cooking in Kitchens with ...

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UTC Seasons 52 – Restaurant Review

As a worldwide traveled and educated Chef, I have come to develop a pretty good palate. I have over 300 blogs posted, I would say a third are Restaurant Reviews. You can also find them on Yelp. Unlike other Food Critics, my job (as I see it) is to tell you what is great out there. Now, some people think ...

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