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Out of Business: Harry’s Bar & Grill, La Jolla

Tonight’s delight? Harry’s Bar & Grill, La Jolla. You remember me talking about Harry’s Bar & Grill in Century City and Rome? This was one in their chain that now has been released to a fabulous restauranteur Garo Minassian. I remember Garo from the days of Scalini’s, when my kids were 5 and 7. They’re now 27 and 29…. if ...

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Brooklyn Girl Review ~ from Chef Marian

Hey! I’m a New Yorker! But I’m not Brooklyn. I’m not the Bronx. I’m not Queens. I’m not even Westchester! I’m Long Island…. and you can count on an upbringing that knows good food! And so does Victoria, the Brooklyn Girl for whom this restaurant is named! I thought I remembered her from what San Diego Magazine calls a ‘recession ...

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