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Top Restaurants Worldwide

According to Tasting Table, the new list of Top Restaurants Worldwide came out and I think for those of us who like to travel, it’s important to plan vacations around good restaurants, that you otherwise would not get to experience. When I traveled the world for 3 years, I experienced food from Alain Ducasse, Joël Robuchon, Gordon Ramsey, Tom Aikens and Paul ...

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Hide the Vegetables, Mom and Dad!

Doesn’t that look yummy? A nice pasta dish! Doesn’t matter what kind of pasta you use…. so if healthy is your game go with whole grain or quinoa pasta. Otherwise, I like to buy Organic. And that’s the best way to Hide the Vegetables! You start with a nice size onion. Cook it in the pan until brown. What that ...

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Gastronomique! A ‘Good Read’ From Chef Marian

Gastronomique! IS THAT MATH CHEF? Well, it is if you’re a chef! Any ‘how to’ details are always as intricate as math! Actually, it’s a french word, from france (the other white meat). They say in France that english is French, badly spoken. Conversation? Spelled the same. Pronounced totally differently. Gastronomic? Gastronomique? Eeeek? Gastronomique brings up two things for me: ...

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