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Hot Topic Sizzle: The Buzz about Whole Foods

Every So often, the newswoman in me grabs a story that’s worth becoming part of our Hot Topic Sizzle. But before I start…. a little self promotion is in order. If you notice the picture to the left talks about ‘Cancer Fighting Foods’. Remember last year I was on stage at the Fairgrounds 4 times? Well I’m there this Thursday and ...

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You think you know General Mills?

Do you think you know General Mills? Well, trust me. You don’t. The latest and greatest large companies are buying up smaller companies, and leaving the brand, without hooking that train to their wagon. You don’t know that Annies is owned by General Mills, right? RIGHT CHEF! One of the emails I just received (and yes, I have linked it for ...

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Native Foods – Restaurant Review Update

Two years ago this month, I reviewed Native Foods in Encinitas on ChefMarian.com and Yelp. I thought I would run an update for you. I have spent a lifetime trying to help, not hurt chefs. So while I still do restaurant reviews, my goal is to bring you ‘the best’. Rarely in all my years of blogging and reviewing have I made public, ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle: Whole Foods is struggling

According to public records, shares for Whole Foods are down nearly 35%. So the headline Whole Food is struggling is not sensational. It’s true. And the buzz has been that a new ‘rewards’ program is in the making. So now it’s on record. A spokesperson for Whole Foods confirms that “the company plans on testing the program in a store in ...

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Healthy Food in review before tomorrows blog about champagne!

Ok. Here are some Healthy Food in review before tomorrows blog about champagne! It may change what you serve to guests New Years Eve… and if that’s the case? I’ve done my job. My most favorite ‘rock star’ in this industry is Dr. Andrew Weil. He’s got some great information that is clear and concise and makes sense of what ...

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