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Native Foods – Restaurant Review Update

Two years ago this month, I reviewed Native Foods in Encinitas on ChefMarian.com and Yelp. I thought I would run an update for you. I have spent a lifetime trying to help, not hurt chefs. So while I still do restaurant reviews, my goal is to bring you ‘the best’. Rarely in all my years of blogging and reviewing have I made public, ...

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Link from GMO’s to Gluten Intolerance …? Read on….

Link from GMO’s to Gluten Intolerance? No surprise. Just before Thanksgiving, an article came out from the Institute for Responsible Technology, routed to me through Specialty Food News, since I own a candy company and walk the Fancy Food Shows to find new vendors, once or twice a year. YOU OWN A CANDY COMPANY CHEF? Yes. A nationwide brand. 800-Candygram.com. ...

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