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Conflicting Nutrition Information?

The New Hope Network spawns the following question this morning: Conflicting Nutrition Information? How is that affecting us? Are we absorbing it, ignoring it or just throwing up our hands in confusion? Well, I am someone who is constantly, consistently researching the new ‘facts’ that come out daily about food and its’ nutritional value. I can tell you first hand that ...

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Beans? Good or not?

Many people have been telling me lately that beans are not good for you. So I thought I would do this article on Beans? Good or not? The first site that comes up on the web is Reader’s Digest. They say that beans are high in Fiber, Protein, Vitamin B, Iron, Potassium and they’re low in Fat. So we’re good so ...

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Happy Kids Cooking Class

Cause I’m Happy…. Happy….  A Happy Kids Cooking Class gets even happier one on one! Mom Carol gave her son Andrew a private Chef Marian Cooking Class today. We took this picture and she turned to me and said: “You are fun”!  Well that’s about the best compliment I could ask for. That and at the end when I asked ...

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The Goal of The Chef Marian Blog

Today I was thinking about The Goal of The Chef Marian Blog. What have I accomplished since 2011….. and what have I done that has as many as 30,000 eyeballs on me (actually 60,000 to be accurate)! lol Having traveled the world for 3 years, eating in Michelin Star Restaurants, taking Food & Wine Classes and Cooking in Kitchens with ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle: Nutrition in the News Today!

Nutrition in the News Today! That’s our Hot Topic Sizzle! Have you heard about The Global Nutrition Report? The Global Nutrition Report officially launched on November 20, 2014. “The commissioning and development of the Global Nutrition Report is guided by a high-level Stakeholder Group comprising members of government, donor organisations, civil society, multilateral organisations and the business sector. The Stakeholder ...

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