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GMO Update

Not to be a broken record, but as I get new information from time to time I will send you a GMO Update.  Such is the case today. My information comes from the Rich Roll Podcast with Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones, the film-making couple behind a new movie on the scene about GMO, called Consumed, The Movie. While this is ...

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Monsanto ….. Please google it regularly! From Chef Marian!

For those of you unfamiliar with who Monsanto is and what’s going on with them…. please read articles about them on Chef Marian.com, and then feel free to google them. Monsanto… the folks that brought you Genetically Modified Food? At Mother’s Day Dinner last night someone commented that Monsanto’s President or CEO changes every two years…. that most of their ...

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Monsanto asks for Protection ~ Really, REALLY? From Chef Marian

Do you know the Monsanto story? It’s the story of pigs…. pigs that genetically modified our fruits and vegetables…. then when the wind whipped its’ pollen onto a neighboring field, Monsanto claimed the farmers were stealing their products and sued them and put them out of business? Hugh Grant, not the actor but the top pig, or should I say ...

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