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San Diego Woman Magazine Posts Chef Marian

A Special Thank You to  San Diego Woman Magazine who featured me … and re-posted one of my blogs! Have a read! Happy Eating, Chef Marian Informing, Entertaining, and Featuring the Women of San Diego  San Diego Woman Magazine’s Expert Issue 2015   Cancer Fighting Foods! Written by Chef Marian Blogging at ChefMarian.com   Over 300 blogs and 3 Cookbooks later, I am ...

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Meaty Vegetables are the New Rage!

Meaty Vegetables. What you do think about when I say that? A Mushroom Burger? YES CHEF! I say squash….. and apparently people in New York agree with me! The New York Daily News is jumping on this bandwagon, with their recent article about how restaurant owners are making changes in their menus: “Beet, cauliflower, cabbage and butternut squash steaks are ...

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Ready for Meatless Monday?

As we head into the weekend, I say “Let’s get ready for Meatless Monday”! Remember: it helps your budget, it helps your body and it helps the planet. WHY CHEF? Well, if you take a look at the land a cow is housed on to feed one family, you can take that same land and plant fruits and veggies and ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle: What’s new in our markets in 2015

Apple Fennel, Balsamic Thyme, Ranch Chia. These are some of the products I will see at The Fancy Food Show in January next year. And stores will be placing orders for these and more. So I thought I’d make our Hot Topic Sizzle about What’s new in our markets in 2015. A ‘heads up’ on food choices! This past year ...

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