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Sauerkraut Recipes

This past Saturday I was walking around the store Jimbos with 3 members of my meetup group (Oleg, Faye + Linda) talking about how to pick your fruits and veggies at their prime, what to look out for and then we got to show and tell: my favorite items to buy at Jimbos. If you are interested in knowing more, ...

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Plant Based Mac N Cheese

Today I would like to show you the possibilities for a Plant Based Mac N Cheese. Now, of course I’m not looking to compete with the kind of Mac N Cheese that starts of with milk, cream, a pound of butter and bacon. I am simply looking to satisfy that craving of yours with an end result that is flavorful and ...

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James Beard Award Winners 2014

As the summer comes upon us and we yearn to do some traveling, I thought you might like to know the James Beard Award winners 2014 to find what winners, exceptional chefs and restaurants may be right in your travels (in America only). As a matter of fact, I can see you planning a trip across America, visiting each of our incredible ...

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Happy Thanksgivingakkah! Recipe ideas for all!

This year, on ‘The Chew’ I noticed they are celebrating Thanksgivingakkah, because Chanukah falls on the day before Thanksgiving. It comes out of New York. Leave it to them to come up with something clever! They say that it will be 79,000 years before this happens again, so I thought I would celebrate it here on the web with recipes ...

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