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Feeding People over the Holidays

November top of mind for most of us is: Feeding People over the Holidays. Unexpected guests and yummy leftovers can easily happen by adding simple things like more bread to stuffing, more sweet potatoes to sweet potato pie. You will find yourself cooking for not the 12 coming, but the imaginary 24, giving you a chance to let people take home ...

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Lady Parts

Hey! I know this is a food and nutrition blog, but we are not just about food. We are about living your best life? Right?  RIGHT CHEF! And I know that some of my 30,000 readers are men. So to the men I say: Think of someone you care about and pass this on. Today’s blog is about health and ...

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What the Health Movie and Pre-Party Review

Hey! If you didn’t come to see What the Health Movie and attend the Pre-Party, you really, really missed it! A couple of Sundays ago, as part of the leadership team of PlantDiego, with a charity called Give Wellness, we raised funds and provided an amazing movie about why the big companies don’t want to discuss food and wellness. So ...

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Summertime Meals

How do you start thinking about your Summertime Meals? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is corn. Not just any corn, but the corn I’ve gotten at Jimbo’s. Organic. Fresh. Sweet. And here’s how the creative juices start flowing…. Why do we have to strip the corn? We don’t do it when we grill, right? RIGHT CHEF! So, ...

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Gabrielle Traub: Info on Your Thyroid and more!

One of my favorite things to do is attend a class with someone talking about what is going on inside our bodies. The more I learn, the more I need to learn. It’s pretty exciting! Last night, Gabrielle Traub spoke about Your Thyroid and more at Jimbo’s. There’s nothing better than listening to someone who is excited to share information, ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle: The Buzz about Whole Foods

Every So often, the newswoman in me grabs a story that’s worth becoming part of our Hot Topic Sizzle. But before I start…. a little self promotion is in order. If you notice the picture to the left talks about ‘Cancer Fighting Foods’. Remember last year I was on stage at the Fairgrounds 4 times? Well I’m there this Thursday and ...

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