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The Danger of Plant Based Food

I don’t mean to scare you. When I talk about The Danger of Plant Based Food, it really applies to all food. So attention all eaters! Going plant based is a good thing. But certainly there are pitfalls, as there are with regular diets or lifestyles. This (to the right) is a picture of me BGPB (before going plant based). I ...

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After all the sugar is gone….

Happy ‘after’ Valentine’s Day! And now all the sugar is gone…. desserts shaped in little hearts, heart candies, chocolate…. BUT WAIT CHEF! I DIDN’T DO ANY OF THAT! Let me start again….. after all the pasta is gone, all the wine that accompanied the pasta is gone… Yes. That is a problem. Bread, Pasta, Wine…. it all converts to sugar. ...

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Fast Food Craze is Slowing to a Crawl ~ From Chef Marian

The Fast Food Crave is Slowing to a Crawl? A couple of months ago, The Centers for Disease Control and prevention released a report saying: “McDonald’s french fries, Wendy’s Frostys and Burger King Whoppers no longer hold as strong of a presence in Americans’ diets”. According to them,  Americans are eating less fast food. “The study showed that between 2007 ...

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