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Is Tap Water Ok if You Boil it?

One of the things we were talking about in my Cooking Class is water, and should we use tap water to boil pasta for example. The question was: “Is Tap Water Ok if You Boil it”? I mean we all know that if you cook chicken, for example, we want you to stick a thermometer in to see that it reaches ...

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Charts to Bring to the Market

Today I am sharing some great information plus Charts to Bring to the Market. I am doing that because we can’t remember everything.  I have been teaching a Chef Marian Sous Chef Certification Class to someone who eventually wants to be known as the Firehouse Chef. I am giving him basic knife cutting skills, meal preparation, plating, and nutrition. Although the ...

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Chef Marian agrees with Gwyneth Paltrow

Here’s a thought…………………. Have you ever wondered what kinds of chemicals you are putting on your face, putting on your body? This is why Chef Marian agrees with Gwyneth Paltrow asking us to change a law, to make a difference, and if you answered yes to that question, this is an important issue for you as well. According to an email I received today from ...

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Plastic and Pregnancy

One of the things we should all tackle is understanding the plastic issue especially plastic and pregnancy. WHAT PLASTIC ISSUE, CHEF? Well, when you buy canned vegetables, the lining is plastic. That plastic has chemicals, like BPA and phthalates. I DIDN’T REALIZE THAT CHEF! New Hope has brought to my attention today with a regular newsletter I receive, that we’ve sort of ...

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Sunscreen Hall of Shame

I guess I should be talking about BBQ with Memorial Day Weekend ahead… but I would rather highlight an email I received today from the Environment Working Group. They have created a Sunscreen Hall of Shame. I mean, why are we working so hard to eat healthy, when at the same time we are using sunscreens that can harm us equally. ...

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Go Green this upcoming year… and what that means!

Go Green this upcoming year. That’s my recommendation. I mean, I think we should change the things we can control to better ourselves. When we look at the web, we see all kinds of things being promoted for the holidays. But if we look a little closer, at for example …… 800-Candygram.com, we see options for vegans, gluten free, sugar ...

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