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Holiday Gifts from Chef Marian!

It’s that time of the year again, so here are some Holiday Gifts from Chef Marian! I am trying to think what I can do for you, how I might be able to support you in the kitchen, with nutrition and intuition. In years past, I talked about cravings. That link to that blog will still be there, so continue ...

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Catalina Offshore Products has Great Cooking Classes

Last week, I was invited by a friend to attend a Cooking Class at Catalina Offshore Products. It’s a great fish market and I’ve actually toured the plant before and purchased fish out of their fish market. And if you haven’t met Fishmonger Tommy Gomes… ? You need to! He’s quite the character. Here’s what the folks at Catalina Offshore ...

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Happy Holidays from Your Personal Instructor, Chef Marian!

Hey! We’re half way thru the holidays! Chef Marian here… with a special ‘shout out’ to you, my favorite foodie: Happy Holidays from Your Personal Instructor, Chef Marian! The only thing I can think to give you is …. my coaching, my cooking classes, my cookbooks and the joy of knowing how you are going to get from there to ...

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Stay Sane ~ Control your Brain!

Stay Sane ~ Control your Brain! Did I say that? Yes. Yes I did. And Why? Because the only thing you actually can control is what goes on between your own two ears! I spent years walking the serene grounds of The Golden Door in Escondido (<—–picture shot and cropped in Photoshop by Chef Marian), enjoying silence and really hearing the ...

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Cooking Classes $100.00 discount thru May 31, 2012

How would you like to have me WOW you with food lessons so that next time, YOU CAN WOW your friends and family? Tired of the same food? How about having Chef Marian walk you through new ideas and recipes? Until May 31st you can schedule a Cooking Class – regularly $400-$1,000 SD Foodies Discount: only $300 plus ingredients- up to 6 people ...

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