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Sugar Summit is online now

Sweet Freedom, a Sugar Summit is online now to watch daily for free. They will also sell you a subscription to see it at your leisure. But here’s my point: No matter how clean I eat, clean I drink…. sugar always comes up for me. You too? I can have a beautiful breakfast with grains and fruits, a nice lunch filled ...

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Cravings Part II after the holidays

So I bring you Cravings Part II after the holidays as further incentive to show you how to substitute wisely and still get all the great flavor without doing damage to your health even if we’ve made it through most of the holiday season! Talk about cravings. I absolutely CRAVE pizza. I’m a New Yorker. What do you expect! lol When I ...

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Review: Pine Mountain Logs at The Belly Up

You know, I play a bunch of instruments and sing harmony. And I do Restaurant Reviews as a Healthy Chef. Yet, I have never reviewed a band or an event at a music venue. My evening last night was so good, that I must blog about it. So enjoy this Review: Pine Mountain Logs at The Belly Up. First off, ...

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Leftover Sunday

  So, last night we decided to put together appetizers and pair that with wine. Nice light dinner, then a movie in front of a rip roaring fireplace. One of the things I decided to do was take my original polenta and add parmesan/gouda/sun dried tomato (as a coating). Mmmmm.   So here we are this morning with this lovely ...

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It’s been a wonderful ‘trip’ so far …. talking with you about things I know having to do with food, wine, events I have created, recipes…. and I have really enjoyed having a place to ‘rant’! Many viewers come here from San Diego Foodies, Encinitas Chop and Sip and Encinitas Chess Club (believe it or not, Chess Players DO like ...

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