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Vegan Lasagna

There’s hope Virginia! The kids will grow up, move away and have their new boyfriends…..with their OWN kitchens, and when things are important enough it will be “Mom…you really need to show me how to do this”. That’s what happened this week, when my daughter’s Vegan boyfriend was coming to dinner and she wanted to do Lasagna. Well, I have ...

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Time to stand up for GMO Labeling!

I always talk about this…. how recently it seems that we are reading that most breadcrumbs are back into hydrogenated oil (something our bodies don’t process) because they think we’ve somehow forgotten it’s not good for us…. Either that, or perhaps they think we’re no longer reading labels. Which brings me to the topic of the day… According to the Organic ...

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Best Birthday Present EVER! A Blog Facelift!

Happy Birthday to me today, with the BIRTH of a new Blog. Well, a face lift, I should say created by me and Mari-Lyn Harris, a terrific Social Media & Facilitator of Events person who walked me through this entire process. And boy am I a happy girl! If you need her services, email me and I am happy to pass ...

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It’s great to have BRILLIANT friends!

                        In today’s world, it certainly is great to run across new friends that have brilliant ideas! So is the case with my new friend Laura. First off, she’s a New Yorker. So we know that brain is ENGAGED for sure! Secondly, what a BRILLIANT idea! Tired of telling ...

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Another Filmed Foodie Event!

Well, if you missed it, you missed it. Chef Jason and Chef Marian talking about Union Kitchen & Tap, and his background and love for food. In the next week I will have more information on the ChefMarian.com blog, more pictures, more details. We had members of San Diego Foodies and members of Encinitas Chop & Sip on a Budget. ...

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Community Cooking: that’s what it’s all about for Chef Marian

Come cook with me! There is nothing more FUN, nothing that makes me happier than cooking with a bunch of people that like to cook. That’s what we did this past Sunday – gathering 10 members of meetup.com/SanDiegoFoodies or as I have it listed on Facebook ‘San Diego’s Foodies‘! lol  Hey! You do whatever it takes…. even if someone else has your domain! ...

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