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Sweet Potatoes

One potato, two potato, three potato, four. There’s many kinds of taters but the sweet potatoes, I adore. And they’re good for you too! lol Now correct me if I’m wrong here but…… do you sometimes feel like you’re losing your mind? You go to the market and you see sweet potatoes and yams. You think “hhmmm… sweet potatoes are ...

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I’m on day 4 or is it 5? of my smoothie concoctions to help get my cholesterol down…. and I have some good news. But that will have to wait a day because I also ran into an email I wrote to someone who was unhappily fat, 4 or 5 years ago when I was exercising daily. (Is there a ...

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Exceptional Entrepreneurs – it’s the only way to fly!

As an official Sponsor of Exceptional Entrepreneurs, I am always amazed when someone has a party and puts a lot of us in the same space. And yesterday was no exception. The lovely Kay and always funny and talented Peter hosted – and because Peter is such a musical success (in additional to his Pain Clinic – email me if ...

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Living your best life

Today I want to talk about living your best life. At the end of all the ‘prep’ work, the end of all the barbecuing, the end of all the programming my itunes to make sure I had enough good music, and after all the eating and drinking and story telling and laughing at this Fourth of July celebration, my friends ...

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Fourth of July Food

Sooo… we’ve reached the 4th….. That means TWO things: Fourth of July Food and we’re half way thru the summer! Amazing. Where did it go? Where DID it go? When I think about the 4th, I remember days past with red, white and blue all over the backyard, matching plates, silverware, and balloons with the¬†aniticipation of everyone arriving and kids ...

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