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Happy Halloween! Red Pepper Style!

Happy Halloween! Go check out my Healthy Pumpkin Pie on this blog! Well….. I am sure you have carved your own pumpkin by now, but since I am ‘on the road’ you can only imagine how thrilled I was when I cut this red pepper in half only to find a smiley pumpkin face better than any I could have ...

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Nozomi 2 Sushi & BBQ shares Sushi Secrets with Chef Marian

Nozomi 2 Sushi & BBQ in La Jolla is a sleepy little sushi place near the Marriott. And this past weekend, I was at a conference at the Marriott so…….. guess where I wound up? lol First of all…..and barbecue? Really? And then I started thinking: “hmmm…. asian bbq”. I don’t know about you, but whenever I am near a ...

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Rockin Harvest Celebration Early Entry Backstage Pass Being Raffled Off by Chef Marian

THIS IS HUGE——-> Food, Wine, Entertainment for the weekend! Would you enjoy receiving a FREE $95.00 Rockin Harvest EARLY ENTRY Backstage Pass to the Grand Rockin’ Harvest Celebration Grand Tasting & Wine Auction……………………  Saturday November 3rd at Avila Beach Golf Club near San Luis Obispo? If that answer is ‘Yeeeaaah’, wait till you hear what I have planned for you! lol I am giving ...

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Extreme Pizza Night Out and Aeroponics

    Extreme Pizza Night Out and Aeroponics! That’s what we’re talking about today. First – about Extreme Pizza! An absolutely wonderful time was had by all last night at our Extreme Pizza Night out in La Jolla, and even more interesting as I later pictured Restauranteur Kevin Smith talking about Aeroponics. But wait, I don’t want to get ahead of myself! ...

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2012 World Food Day Celebration in San Diego

Here’s the scoop…. poop! If you want to do something about ending world hunger Join a bunch of us next Tuesday for the 2012 World Food Day Celebration in San Diego at The California Kebob and Beer Garden To support a charity I have given money to called Table for Two! Happy Eating and Drinking! (Drink don’t drive)! Chef Marian ...

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