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Moist juicy chicken. It’s a Chef’s trick!

Moist juicy chicken. Mmmm Doesn’t that sound good? NOT IF YOU ARE VEGAN CHEF! No worries. I’m taking care of everyone! I’m at the fair this Thursday and the following Tuesday teaching nothing but vegan and vegetarian meals. Even if you do Meatless Monday’s, these are the shows to come out for. 2pm. The Family area outside stage. And I’m ...

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Brown Rice with Veggies. It’s sexier than you think!

Brown Rice with veggies. Sexier than you think. That’s what I think after teaching a class on the Main Stage at The Del Mar Fairgrounds this past Saturday. After smelling the rice, people couldn’t wait to get their tastings. We eat with all our senses! You know that right? YES CHEF! And my leftovers went so fast, I hardly blinked ...

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