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UTC Seasons 52 – Restaurant Review

As a worldwide traveled and educated Chef, I have come to develop a pretty good palate. I have over 300 blogs posted, I would say a third are Restaurant Reviews. You can also find them on Yelp. Unlike other Food Critics, my job (as I see it) is to tell you what is great out there. Now, some people think ...

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Your Health as you age! Thoughts are the Rage!

The flu and you! It trashes your health. We all, or most of us have that relationship with flu every year, every two or three years? Yes? YES CHEF! Well, I am just coming off a bout with the flu myself, still coughing. I was reading an article on MindBodyGreen about trusting your own body to tell you what to eat ...

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Your Metabolism & Immune System Changes

I was at a supermarket yesterday and one of our expert cheese stockers told me “Your metabolism & immune system changes every 7 years”. He chimed in after the expert behind the cheese counter confidentially told me that “your taste buds change every 3 months”. Does being an expert in cheese make you an expert in Metabolism, the Immune System and Taste ...

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Spice Blog 2014: Get the flavor you can savor!

There are so many opportunities to take what you already have in your pantry and play. Spice Blog 2014 today is just about that: What to mix, rub and blend together to get the flavor you can savor. Yesterday’s blog was vegan, so let’s start with our beef eaters today. How about taking some grass fed beef and making a ...

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Pumpkin Time again! Regular and Vegan Recipes!

It’s Pumpkin Time again! And before I start giving you recipes and tuning you into vegan recipes from a friend of mine Tracy Childs and her blog Veg-Appeal, I would like to remind you to buy organic. You can draw on it, put stickers on it and still be able to eat it after Halloween. (I can’t say the same ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle: Announcing a New Sugar for 2015

I have really come to enjoy my weekly Hot Topic Sizzle and this week features a New Sugar. As someone in the food/food & wine industry, with a great blog and several companies to my name I have people emailing me for attention to their products. And there are some products that are upcoming worth looking at. The idea is ...

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