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SD not represented on The James Beard Awards Committee

The Nominations for The James Beard Awards are in. And I have to say about San Diego that I am completely disappointed. San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles all filled categories like Outstanding Restaurant, Outstanding Chef, Best New Restaurant, Outstanding Pastry Chef, and so on. We had ONE RESTAURANT in the entire city of San Diego nominated. For Best Chef in the West ...

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You think you know General Mills?

Do you think you know General Mills? Well, trust me. You don’t. The latest and greatest large companies are buying up smaller companies, and leaving the brand, without hooking that train to their wagon. You don’t know that Annies is owned by General Mills, right? RIGHT CHEF! One of the emails I just received (and yes, I have linked it for ...

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After all the sugar is gone….

Happy ‘after’ Valentine’s Day! And now all the sugar is gone…. desserts shaped in little hearts, heart candies, chocolate…. BUT WAIT CHEF! I DIDN’T DO ANY OF THAT! Let me start again….. after all the pasta is gone, all the wine that accompanied the pasta is gone… Yes. That is a problem. Bread, Pasta, Wine…. it all converts to sugar. ...

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Bravo to our Sponsor: Candygram.com for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s is coming. And what better way to say Thank You to our sponsor Candygram.com, than by mentioning them, so close to Valentine’s Day? No. This is it! My big thank you to them! I have been working with Candygram to introduce new healthier choices. So when you go on there, you might see Organic Chocolates, Gluten Free Cookies, Popcorn ...

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So many Pizza Recipes…. and what they won’t tell you!

There are an insane amount of Pizza Recipes. Go online and have a look. They will tell you ingredients to blend, how to knead, how to rest your dough… and the rest! Food & Wine came out this month with a perfect margarita pizza. What a great place to start, since they tell you everything and they tell you nothing, except ...

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Jake’s Del Mar Review during Restaurant Week

I always think, when I go in to review Jake’s Del Mar, which I do once a year as a reviewer, that it will be good as it was last time. And then regularly I am surprised about how much better the staff is trained, and how they have created new, unexpected flavor profiles. Jake’s Del Mar made it into ...

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