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Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class

Yesterday was my last day this summer to do my Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class. This time, it was “Cancer Fighting Foods”. I created a fun game at The Fair yesterday. I asked you (audience members) questions just to see how much you know about Cancer Fighting Foods, giving you ideas of what to cook if you’re vegan, or what ...

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Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class – Part II

Hi there! Chef Marian here again with the Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class – Part II as promised. And although my next on stage appearance on the 18th of this month (Home & Hobby Kitchen, 2nd floor, 2:30pm) will deal with “Cancer Fighting Foods” and I may have a few hints for you here, you will get the bulk on ...

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GMO Update

Not to be a broken record, but as I get new information from time to time I will send you a GMO Update.  Such is the case today. My information comes from the Rich Roll Podcast with Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones, the film-making couple behind a new movie on the scene about GMO, called Consumed, The Movie. While this is ...

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Jacques Pépin: With Love from Chef Marian

Some people like to savor over a relaxing cup of tea or coffee. Others garden. Some read a good book. I realized today that I record 5 days of Jacques Pépin on PBS and Saturday mornings, stay in bed with Composition Book in hand, to see what little nuggets of gold I can get from him. First and foremost? Cook with ...

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Name Changes of Unhealthy Ingredients

A special Thanks to Richard Cinta from my group A Great San Diego Chess Meetup, who passed along this picture from Real Farmacy. Basically we are talking about Name Changes of Unhealthy Ingredients. It confirms that there’s plenty of old school brands that are making claims and instead of just blindly believing them, research is needed. In addition to these ...

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Calm those Tannins in Red Wine Down!

Strong yet friendly tannins came up as a topic this past week. I just want to say any Chef can teach you how to Calm those Tannins in Red Wine Down! For example, think back to when we were in college. We’d go to the bar, lick our hand, pour on salt, then lick the salt, shoot the taquilla and ...

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