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Healthy is the New Happy

Look how cute: Healthy is the New Happy. Makes sense to me. Makes sense to you? YES CHEF! What I like even better is the the saying below the picture: “Take a 10-Day Vacation from Processed Foods”. Do you still eat processed food? Really? And not by accident? Well then, this blog is for you. It may just be the ...

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Happy Healthy Easter

Hope it is not too late for you to realize you don’t need chemicals and food coloring to have a Happy Healthy Easter. It’s amazing but true. Over the years I have written many Easter blogs, sometimes combined with Passover blogs when the timing was right. And I think it’s been pretty much all said. So rather than quote myself ...

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Artichokes: I like ’em!

The Chef is in the house, and all I’ve got to say is: Artichokes: I like ’em! Here’s how to cook ’em: If you want them to sit flat, cut the stems off. They say the stems are the extensions of the heart, and the heart is yummy when steamed. So only if you want it to sit flat because you ...

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Danger at UTC Mall

My blogs are usually friendly and helpful. But the most recent thing I heard about UTC Mall paying off people that have been mugged there during the construction, that there is even Danger at UTC Mall makes me have to stand up and be counted. I have thought this over for weeks now, because it is not my intent to instill ...

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The Real Problem with Wood Pulp in Cheese

I get over 300 emails a day. One of the companies sending me their thoughts monthly is Eater. They talk about things happening in the food industry. Their topic this week is: The Real Problem with Wood Pulp in Cheese. Parmesan Cheese, specifically. Helloooo! The REAL problem with wood pulp in Cheese? When was I even asked if I was willing to ...

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The ‘dish’ on Pasta

Yum. Doesn’t that look good? I woke up the morning realizing it’s not what you think. So, I thought I’d share The ‘dish’ on Pasta. We now have pasta that’s quinoa, pasta that’s rice, pasta that’s red lentils. I’m sure you’ve seen more than that. I’d like to take away your ‘fear factor’. And that’s why this is my topic today. ...

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