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Gratitude for the Holidays

I want to talk to you about Gratitude for the Holidays…. but I want to also share the process of how I get there. I think to myself: Another year done…. good that we distract ourselves with all this merriment, or we might notice how much faster years are going by. Rapid Passing. Not as catchy as Global Warming, but ...

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A concept: The Herbivorous Butcher

Yes. It’s a concept and it’s a reality: The Herbivorous Butcher. You get what that is right? NO CHEF! Well, you know the butcher means meat. And that plant life is Herbivorous. When you put the two together, you’ve got a Vegan Butcher! REALLY CHEF? Really! In some areas, Vegan is going mainstream! This is sooo cool, I had to just share ...

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Proper labeling – time to be heard!

I don’t often repeat the emails I get, but this one from New Hope 360 is worth repeating because it’s about proper labeling. While this picture shows some companies are doing a good job of defining Natural right on the label, I usually read my labels and toss anything that says ‘Natural Flavors”. In the past I have heard that MSG ...

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Global Gratitude Food Festival

Today was the Global Gratitude Food Festival in Point Loma (San Diego). The focus was on Vegan Fun, with food and drinks for everyone. Can you imagine how people can design fruits and veggies to be a piece of artwork? That’s what I see here. That’s why I changed the shot into a watercolor in Photoshop. And we eat with our ...

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Chef Marian’s Research on Quinoa and Millet

Well today, I’ve got a mouthful for you from research I’ve done on Quinoa and Millet. It’s funny. With my background, everyone assumes I know everything about everything. But that’s actually the reason I started this blog 4 or 5 years ago. In my earlier years, I was a Radio Broadcaster. A Newscaster. Those were the days of Walter Cronkite, ...

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Understand what foods to eat and why

It’s been almost a month since I ate any animal. Almost a month without alcohol. As I come into a cleaner way of eating, the first thing I need to do is understand what foods to eat and why. Lot’s of new info is at our finger tips, but I really haven’t seen anyone ‘nail it’, with explaining why I ...

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