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Vegan Feast for Turkey Day

How was Turkey Day for you? We had a Vegan Feast! The mug behind the plate has a really good vegetable soup that cooked all day with a ‘Bouquet Garni’ (just the right herbs in a sack for soup). There’s roasted garlic behind the water, or what was left of it. PH Balanced Water. Tofurkey, with stuffing and gravy. My ...

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Bugs in your dried goods? Like quinoa?

I went out to hear some music a couple of nights ago. I’d share where I go, but it’s already pretty crowded there. Sort of feeling like the t-shirt: I mean seriously. I could tell you where I go, but then I’d have to kill ya! Just kidding! Anyway, my girlfriend Linda said she noticed bugs in her quinoa and ...

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Warning Signs from the Universe

What is love? It’s a vibration. It’s a feeling. A warm heart based feeling. Yes? YES CHEF! And do we think it’s an ingredient, a necessary ingredient in the cooking process? I say yes! Vibrations. That’s being talked about quite a bit these days. Vibrations and intentions. Both are equally a way to know if you are on the right ...

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Hide the Vegetables, Mom and Dad!

Doesn’t that look yummy? A nice pasta dish! Doesn’t matter what kind of pasta you use…. so if healthy is your game go with whole grain or quinoa pasta. Otherwise, I like to buy Organic. And that’s the best way to Hide the Vegetables! You start with a nice size onion. Cook it in the pan until brown. What that ...

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Pumpkin Pie and What Wine?

The holidays are coming and here’s a question you may be asking yourself: Pumpkin Pie and What Wine? You’re especially asking that if you are having relatives over you’d rather not spend time with. lol The Sommeliers are all the ”buzz” about this, with some recommending standards like a Sparkling Wine or a Port. But some of the experts are talking ...

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Happy Kids Cooking Class

Cause I’m Happy…. Happy….  A Happy Kids Cooking Class gets even happier one on one! Mom Carol gave her son Andrew a private Chef Marian Cooking Class today. We took this picture and she turned to me and said: “You are fun”!  Well that’s about the best compliment I could ask for. That and at the end when I asked ...

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