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Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class

Yesterday was my last day this summer to do my Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class. This time, it was “Cancer Fighting Foods”. I created a fun game at The Fair yesterday. I asked you (audience members) questions just to see how much you know about Cancer Fighting Foods, giving you ideas of what to cook if you’re vegan, or what ...

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Chef Marian Cooking Class

I am dedicating this blog to my experience Sunday when I was on stage at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the Chef Marian Cooking Class. I teach a free Food & Nutrition Class as many as 4 times every summer going into my 4th year and I am always pleased, always amazed at who turns out. OMG! Do I have the ...

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Chef Marian Cooking Class on a Saturday night!

Is this not a gorgeous group of people? And I want to say both inside and out! These people are pretty terrific and I had a wonderful Saturday night! Don’t you have people you owe dinner invitations to? You can do better than just ‘picking up the check’! That my friends, is a Chef Marian Cooking Class. Didn’t book me ...

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