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Sugar Summit is online now

Sweet Freedom, a Sugar Summit is online now to watch daily for free. They will also sell you a subscription to see it at your leisure.

But here’s my point: No matter how clean I eat, clean I drink…. sugar always comes up for me. You too?

I can have a beautiful breakfast with grains and fruits, a nice lunch filled with vegetables and a wonderful dinner with Italian or Chinese Profiles (mostly veggies, just a small amount of quinoa pasta or brown rice), but then ask me to go to the movies? I’m packin’ jelly beans, good n plenty and maybe some licorice. And what does that sugar do? It makes me want to have more sugar. The next day, I’m looking in the freezer section at the grocery store for some So Be Chocolate Cashew Ice Cream. And I’m taking it home and polishing that baby off in the next two days.

Get the point? I’ve been saying for years it’s all about your gut flora. That’s the bacteria (both good and bad) in your stomach. If you’re growing sugar flora, then sugar is calling to you. And unfortunately the only way to stop the flora is by stopping the sugar. And believe me, it doesn’t go away overnight. But it doesn’t take months either.

I haven’t been drinking much alcohol for years now….. an occasional glass of wine with dinner. But I do notice that when I’m eating sugar I’m drinking more. I’m eating vegan donuts from Lazy Acres. I’m getting vegan cake with coconut oil frosting. One thing leads to another.

So get online and watch this amazing series. I am counting on the subconscious integration of what people are saying to help me to want less sugar.

After all, I watched Plant Nation Summit which I think was a 10 day online event, and when I was done watching I was able to comfortably go plant based. So I will be watching with you, to see what kind of positive affect this Sugar Summit will have on me!

We CAN do this! lol

Healthy Happy Eating,

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