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Sugar Making You Crazy?

Sugar makes you want more Sugar

Sugar Making you Crazy?

Well of course it is! But what you may not know is – it’s not the sugar.

It’s the bacteria that sits in your stomach calling for more sugar. Your gut bacteria!

If you haven’t heard this before, you are now thinking: “Chef Marian! You’re a genius! I’m so happy to hear that! It’s not about willpower; it’s about bacteria”!

And yes, yes it is. 

This whole thing about willpower is a real crock. Continuing to eat sugar is due to the bacteria calling for you to eat more sugar. Now, aren’t you happier knowing that?


Now, if you are reading this and you are considered a young adult, everything still applies but in your case? You probably haven’t developed the guilt.

You’re just cool with eating all the sugar you want, and if you’re not putting on weight, you don’t even give it a second thought. But here’s something important to know: It catches up with you when you get older and you’re still into bad habits. And that’s the audience I’m talking to right now! It’s the over 30, 40, 50 and 60 crowd!

Sugar (or the bacteria that sits in your stomach from eating sugar) can create an addiction, can create abnormal eating patterns and more.

Not eating sugar…. what are those benefits?

I am someone who is plant powered that works really hard on not eating additional sugar (carrots, apples are all forms of sugar). But I am talking about vegan donuts, cakes, kombucha, etc.

As a result of just saying no, I have experienced weight loss, lower cholesterol, lack of cravings, and emotional, mental and behavioral changes for the better. 

And why do we head for the Baskin Robbins, when we’re stressed? Tired? Hungry? In pain? Unsure of ourselves? 

You and I both know it’s how we were raised. (Reach for the sugar and change your focus. Sugar yourself to feel better. Sugar yourself to celebrate and congratulate).

But sugar is not a good focus. And in my experience, it really ‘gets’ you. If for example, you keep a bag of M & M’s in your purse, your desk at work, your nightstand at home (and this can be the sugar you like best, not just M & M’s), you may be addicted and not even realize it. You’re just thinking ‘it’s a treat, after a success, or hard work, or just because it’s the end of the day’. There are a million and one reasons to eat sugar, yes?  


I think what you really want to do is seriously feel what it’s like after you eat the sugar. Are you sluggish? Tired? Sad? Mad?  I’m usually pretty pissed off at myself. My ‘go to’ is red licorice. And every time I finish I feel like it wasn’t worth it. I’m usually pretty pissed off at myself. And if I don’t remember I am pissed off, the next time I go for that sugar, I’m doomed!

But I do have a new trick for ya…… buy a really, really small package, or package something bigger into smaller bags, and only keep a small amount around. It will satisfy the craving but not build up the bacteria (unless and if you are eating it every day)! lol

So that’s the two keys, my friend. Acknowledge how you feel after any sugar and then remember it. Eat a smaller amount. 

And do remember one thing: if it’s not in your bag, your desk, your home then you won’t eat it.

Crisis averted!

Problem solved!

Happy Healthy Eating,


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