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Would you like to Sponsor Chef Marian? There are so many ways to help. But first, let me say that all you have to do is send me an email: mm@chefmarian.com, and tell me who you are, why you want to sponsor me, and your contact info. If you have a budget, I can send you back quotes or call/meet up with you to discuss it in person. You will reach 5,000+ followers with every sponsorship. How frequent I reach out to my database and where the sponsorship takes place is what determines price.

Here are the sponsor opportunities available:

  • Sponsor website or events San Diego Foodies or Euro Lovers and Friends on Meetup.com
  • Sponsor ChefMarian.com with ads on the website
  • Sponsor recipes on stage at the Del Mar Fairgrounds every summer
  • Sponsor Fundraisers like The Food Banks ‘Hail to the Chefs’
  • Sponsor Cooking Classes
  • Sponsor Cultural Foodfest Events
  • Sponsor Chef Marian’s Foundation “No-Face-Goes-Un-Fed”, to end hunger in San Diego

If you believe in educating people instead of scaring them into food choices, then you will find my blogs, my video’s, and The Chef Marian Brand a great way to invest your dollars. As a sponsor you will find me talking about your product to each and every person I know (over 30 thousand eyeballs are reading ChefMarian.com, thousands are participating in events I create and I am out there promoting, teaching or helping other in some way that generates conversation.

I am a natural promoter. I believe in myself, my products and what I am trying to convey. More important, my intention is for the benefit of others. I remember what it was like to be lost and scared in the kitchen, and am very sure that the nutrition pieces of the puzzle is all about living to enjoy another day.

If you share my additional passion to end hunger in San Diego, then you will become one of my sponsors, to finance me and make that happen!

Looking forward to making a great mutually beneficial connection!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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