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Salads…. an experiment with Chef Marian

Salads…… we certainly can experiment no?


Good. Cause that’s just what I did yesterday. Had to go to a meeting lunchtime, and had a few people bring ‘parts’ of an unexpectedly delicious experiment I want to share with you.

So I grabbed a bunch of ‘stuff’ to take with me: some organic mixed greens from the fridge (Jimbo’s has them on sale right now… Earthbound for $2.50 a box which is enough to feed 5), an organic kale and carrot mixture, scallions, some organic quinoa I had made the day before, some leftover organic garbanzo beans that I was wondering when I would get around to using it, some organic avocado made into a guacamole of sorts which added a little spice, and……. and…….. that was it.

You notice I keep saying Organic? Well, to be honest with you, if you’re doing a salad and really want flavor, go organic.

When I got to my destination, Jen offered up fresh turmeric and ginger, (both are part of that idea of use food as medicine) which I promptly turned into a dressing with salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil…. oh and yes, a raw egg yolk, just like we do with Caesar Dressing. She also brought a cute little red pepper and a cute little green pepper. Don’t you just love ‘cute’ veggies? lol

She also brought mushrooms. I was hoping to saute them into onions. Alas! No onions! But what we did have was the cousins of the onion…… scallions or how they call them here in Cali ‘green onions’. So I caramelized the two, thru in some pine nuts, and talk about YUM! I’m tellin’ you now… do not be afraid to experiment! In the worst case scenario, I didn’t have to put them out, if they didn’t turn out. Right?

Our hostess Rene gave us two kinds of chips, hummus, tomatoes and we were off to the races. I built my salad and here’s what it looked like:


You see ….. nothing? Well, this blog is being cranky with me today and won’t upload the picture. So I’ll tell you what I’ll do…. I will come back into the blog later, and see if it will take my upload then. Ok?


Thanks. Appreciate it!

Catch you on the flip side!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian


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