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Review: The Great American Foodie Fest

Today we’re reviewing The Great American Foodie Fest at Qualcomm Stadium July 8th, 9th and 10th. First let’s meet the people running it….

Chef Marian with Noel and family

Chef Marian with Noel and family

Bravo to Noel and family who created this traveling Foodie Fest. He told me they were watching all the Food Channel Food Truck stories and thought – Geez. Let’s get them all together for people to taste it themselves!

Great idea Noel! If you are a Festival goer and you are reading this Saturday Night or Sunday July 9th or 10th, there’s still time to head down and see what all the fun is about.

We had several people from Meetup show up – San Diego Foodies and Euro Lovers and Friends. Both Forrest and Jayne showed up and it was wonderful meeting them both. Forrest is a chef at The Grand Hotel in Del Mar. And Jayne is new to the area and treating herself like a tourist getting to see everything she can! She was amazed at the Devilishess Trucks’ Duck Confit Grilled Cheese Sandwich which she said was so big she had to give half away!

Personally I liked my highly over priced New England Lobster Roll and homemade chips, which came in at $17.00, while most of the trucks has faire from $7.00- $13.00, ten or eleven being the average ‘spend’ at a food truck. Wanna see what my Lobster and Chips looks like?


Here ya go!

Lobster Roll with hand cut chips

Lobster Roll with hand cut chips

Food Trucks

Food Trucks

Food Trucks

Food Trucks

There was music (different people at different times featuring acoustic to hip hop), a really nice bar area and lots of choices for ‘good eats’!

The only thing I would do different? I would have the trucks do ‘taster’ plates at $5 or $6 each. If they were wanting $10 a plate but got people to go for two or three tasting plates, they obviously would make more money. I’ll bet three tastings can even go on one plate. Even more cost effective and better for both the planet and for the trucks!

Actually, there was a truck next to the Lobster Roll Truck selling Kobe Sliders, Korean BBQ, Tacos. And that’s exactly what they did. Three on a plate. Good job! I liked everything I ate there!

I also liked that the Mexican Booth from Las Vegas was giving out samples and their portions were ridiculously big. Now that’s what we’re looking for at a Food Truck Festival!

Again, if it’s just Saturday July 9th or Sunday July 10th, there’s still time to get out to The Great American Foodie Fest!


Happy Healthy Eating,

Chef Marian

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