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Restaurant Review: Mia Francesca Del Mar Heights

Eat Right Tonight!

Eat Right Tonight!

Well, some interesting things have happened in the last 24 hours. I have totally changed my focus on food. I’m eating more salad… and those fabulous strawberries that are totally in season and totally satisfying! And that really affects my review of Mia Francesca, Del Mar Heights. When you’re not letting the chef give you his or her best? It’s hard to access and review. However, I think as long as you come away feeling satisfied with the service and flavor profiles you were expecting, it is still possible to do an accurate  review.

If you have been feeling like your weight is getting away from you, and you can’t figure out why, I want to share my experience dining out tonight at Mia Francesca. It really is possible to eat healthy and leave satisfied.

To top everything off, I am opening two stores in Del Mar before the end of the month. And the process is pretty stressful. Normally, I would just eat and drink the stress away. NOT a good plan!

I must say when I walked in, I was an unhappy camper, having nothing to do with the restaurant. No bread, no pasta, no carbs…. at an Italian Restaurant. Really? What was I thinking? lol

The waitress was really busy and confused by what I did and did not want. And she was really busy with larger tables.

General Manager Kevin took the order over from the waitress for clarification of what we wanted. He couldn’t have been nicer. Told me he was cutting carbs and sugar himself and had lost 15 pounds.

And it was that special conversation that moved me into comfortable and the food that left me satisfied, while still staying within my self induced program. So Bravo Kevin!

Grilled Shrimp and a Good Salad. Very satisfying.

Want to join me for the next 30 days?


Alrighty then! We’ll be eating all the veggies we want, less fruit, and even less protein adding good oils when we want to. And I’m pretty sure we’re walking the right path doing this.

Please make sure before eating fruit that you always have a couple of bites of protein first because that will prevent a spike your glycemic index (which creates inflammation in your body as a result).

I was reminded about this by someone who had me on a specific ‘measuring your food’ diet so that I could write recipes for her company. Aaah. That’s right. I took off 10 pounds and put on 20… the minute I went off the diet. That’s why I’m in trouble now.

Well, I am glad I solved that mystery! It was a great lesson for us all to make baby step changes in our lifestyle…. instead of ‘dieting’, because when you go on a diet? You go off a diet. And this is what happens to you!

One more thing: if you can make distilled or PH Balanced water, or even coconut water, your choice of drink and enjoy 8 -12 glasses a day, that really helps flush out the toxins and keeps the system moving.

Do that with me for 30 days and lets see who takes off those recent pounds first!

Once I get back down to goal, I plan to add one thing back in weekly, to see what puts on the weight or makes me feel tired.

I would really like to get back to eating clean and green Monday – Thursday and have nice meals out on the weekend…. but we’ll have to see how that goes.

Happy Eating,


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