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Out of Business: Harry’s Bar & Grill, La Jolla

Chef Alex, Chef Marian and Owner Garo of Harry's Bar and Grill, La Jolla

Chef Alex, Chef Marian and former Owner of Scalini’s and now Owner of Harry’s Bar & Grill, La Jolla, Garo Minassian

Tonight’s delight? Harry’s Bar & Grill, La Jolla. You remember me talking about Harry’s Bar & Grill in Century City and Rome? This was one in their chain that now has been released to a fabulous restauranteur Garo Minassian.

I remember Garo from the days of Scalini’s, when my kids were 5 and 7. They’re now 27 and 29…. if that gives you a clue as to how far we go back! lol!  I must have eaten at Scalini’s at least once a week for decades.

If you had the experience of eating at Harry’s Bar & Grill before Garo took it over, I can tell you first hand, it’s nothing like that today. I had Caesar Salad, with their ‘starter’ bread, a beautifully crusted salmon perfectly cooked with potatoes and veggies, and a spinach ravioli which was everything you would want that dish to be…. the perfect consistency, the perfect flavor.

When you are sitting in a beautifully done restaurant, with romantic music coming from a one man band with a great voice, plus great food… well, that’s a winner winner, turkey dinner! lol

We paired everything with a bottle of wine from their ‘try this wine’ list, and it did not disappoint.

So, we’ve got Villa Capri in a 92130 mall (owner is the original chef from Scalini’s) and Garo with Harry’s Bar and Grill in La Jolla (the original owner of Scalini’s). Those are two crazy good Italian Restaurants that are perfect for both locals and people visiting from out of town.

And I am so pleased I gave Harry’s Bar & Grill another shot, this evening.


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