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Restaurant Review: 608 in Oceanside

Today we’re doing a Restaurant Review: 608 in Oceanside. 

Short Ribs

Short Ribs

I always love a restaurant that uses the address as their name. 230 Forest in Laguna Beach anyone? They have the most incredible, eclectic combinations of truly great flavors. And the next review is more of the same.

Last night, I did a special tasting at 608 in Oceanside. 3 months old. They’re just a baby…. and yet?  There’s something about every dish that is amazing. Something about every staff member that makes you feel right at home, sharing their excitement about the chef. And last night? I got to ‘try out’ the 2nd man in charge, Matt. (Willy was at a family birthday for his 2 year old). Priorities. I like that.

The most amazing thing to me is that Chef Willy is just playin’…..

Check this out: He dehydrates beet leaves, corn and other veggies and adds them back in on top as flavoring. Now, I’ve been debating about getting a dehydrator, but this idea really puts me over the top to make me want to buy one. 

Let’s do a little review. I can’t do everything I tasted, but here are some highlights…. and please, please wait for the dessert!


Bone Marrow Ceviche with Shrimp, Sorrel Crumble and Sourdough bread.

Who would have thought to take bone marrow, (which by the way I would never have ordered at any other restaurant) and combine it with perfectly grilled sourdough bread, used to mop up the combo of bone marrow and sorrel mushrooms? And then add to that baby shrimp? Chef Willy to the rescue!

There are rave reviews about their Lobster Tail Tacos on Yelp, butLobster-Tacos it’s hard for me to believe a taco would be anything more than good.

I eat vegan 80% of the time. Not during Restaurant Reviews or when I go out with the girls…. but at home I’m pretty clean and green. But I’ve traveled the world for years on end taking food and wine classes, cooking in kitchens and eating at Michelin Star Restaurants.

Well, I must tell you that these taco’s are worth using as your 20%, or your night out on. 

No biggie. It’s just some Lobster Tail Tacos with Sweet Chili Aioli, Lettuce, Tomato and Onion. But when you do it right, with the right amount of ingredients and keep it simple like this, every flavor stands up to be counted. And remember I told you about the chefs’ corn powder? Well, corn taco with corn powder. It reinforces that flavor!

Ok. Are you ready for the dessert I promised? Mmmmmmmm. 

I present to you, The King or perhaps The Queen of all desserts. Seriously. I know Pistachio Cake sounds like nothing… but it’s the combination of the yogurt drizzle, the hand made honey comb and the cake with pistachios that make for a ‘not too sweet’ way to end your meal, with more than you could have asked for.


Do you see the honeycomb nestled in the dessert?

My picture does not do it justice.

The only thing that can drive the point home about what great flavor you get is: ya know the first time someone came to a birthday party with a cake from Costco and you thought urghhh….? And then you tasted it? And you were sure you wouldn’t go anywhere else for birthday cake again? This is one of those flavor profiles you will crave and want over and over again. 

The absolute best way to eat here is: bring a group of people, let’s say 4 to 6 (which is the best way to try this place) and have everyone order something different, so that you can try each dish. It works out because if you have someone vegan or vegetarian they’ll go for the Vegan Risotto and only parts of the other dishes (like the veggies). You can order the Buttermilk Ceasar (grilled romaine) with the dressing on the side, making it available for all to eat. FOR SURE? Make sure you get this dessert for yourself. Maybe, and I mean maybe you can share it with one person. (I know I wouldn’t, for sure).

Oceanside seems to be coming up in the world of good flavor profiles. And we should also encourage Chef Willy and others like him, who with fine dining background quietly sneak onto our plates and palates and make their mark in San Diego’s Restaurant Scene.

Hey! That’s a great name for a restaurant! Plates and Palates! Remember you heard it here! lol

Bravo Chef Willy! Bravo Matt! Bravo Alayna, who so graciously talked about the food into my phone, making it easy to write this review. This place is legit! They have tapas plates (small portions, less calories – more flavor), a great staff and people in the kitchen who are there to give you their best. And the staff tells me the menu will change regularly…. so get in there today to get the dishes I’ve talked about!

And please tell the staff: “Chef Marian sent me” and share this on your Facebook …. no share this on all your social media! lol Just give me credit for the pix (chefmarian.com).

Happy Healthy Eating,

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